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Chaos League

Chaos League was born in Abruzzo, Italy, in 1992. It is formed by boys and girls with different educational and professional backgrounds: actors, musicians, directors, educators, writers. In the course of time we have experimented with different larping formulas. Yet, as every event is a story in itself, the attention to interpretation and the experience of others have always been at the core of our larping philosophy since we believe larps are something profound, almost visionary. We set our stories in various historical contexts: during the First and Second World Wars, in a nineteenth-century phalanstery following the footsteps of philosopher Charles Fourier, in present-time locations, in an Italian monastery in the Middle Ages, in a dystopian post-atomic world of the near future. For the most part, we have organized events in Italy although recently we have crossed the national borders stretching as far as England and Sweden in the pursuit of culturally unfamiliar landscapes.


I'm a larp-theory enthusiast and avid international larper. When not doing that, I can be found screaming into a microphone (check out my metal band Red Mourning!).

Hampus Ahlbom

The Black Prince of Swedish Larping - Hampus Ahlbom is known as a controversial game-designer challenging the social dogma surrounding Nordic and Swedish Larp. His own flagships are low-fantasy games like Granland or Krigshjärta 7, but also Tre Kronor – a campaign about the power elite of the 1940s.

Muriel Algayres

Muriel Algayres (b. 1980) is a French larp designer and academic. She is the creator of Harem Son Saat and designs larps that focus on history, representation, and pop culture.

Aladino Amantini

Computer science engineer, writing larps since 2013 with the Collective “Terre Spezzate”. His larps included different settings and, from fantasy, to contemporary, from historical to fairy tales. The main themes he has dealt with focus on oppression, conflict and revolt. Among his main works there are “La fortezza dei vinti”, “Black Fiday” and “I ribelli della Montagna”.

Ane Marie Anderson

Ane Marie Anderson (b. 1989) is a Norwegian larper, designer, and a doctor and PhD-student. She spends a lot of time producing live storytelling shows in Oslo, and is interested in how people work.

Frida Aronsson

Frida is a Swedish larper and keen traveler, who is often seen on fantasy, steampunk and contemporary larps. In 2013 she set up the conference and hostage larp PharmaTech. She has also survived an IRL Japanese scout camp zombie virus breakout. Frida got inspired to go Russia for a dedicated larp trip after attending a couple of Swedish larps with international participants.

Brodie Atwater

Brodie Atwater is a recent graduate of Goddard College's Psychology and Counseling program, where they studied larp as therapy. Their organizational and scholarly work centers around accessibility through safety design, bleed counseling, and engagement with cultural ideologies transmitted through play.

Johannes Axner

Johannes Axner is a Swede who loves to play and design larps, build community and blow things up. Creator and Editor in Chief of

Sandy Bailly

Sandy Bailly (b. 1986) is a Belgian larper who occasionally crews and writes for larps. She will gladly share her opinions on small, collaborative, and altruistic play, along with her opinions on movies and food.

Myriel Balzer

Myriel Balzer (born 1981) works as a freelance game designer and game researcher. In 2008 she completed her studies of sociology, psychology and peace and conflict research and graduated with a German Diplom (equivalent with a master’s or post-graduate degree) in sociology. Her thesis was published under the title Live Action Role Playing – Die Entwicklung realer Kompetenzen in virtuellen Welten (Live Action Role Playing: The Development of Real Competencies in Virtual Worlds) by Tectum Verlag. After a staff position as lead game designer she founded her own independent label in 2009, Phoenix Game Design, and currently concentrates on digital games. She organized her first live action role-playing event in 2001 and has had contact with role-playing and fantasy since childhood.

Bettina Beck

Bettina Beck is a U.S. larp designer, organizer and player of 15 years. Working primarily in New England Sports Larp, her focus is on creating generative world systems and subverting the racist and colonial tropes of the form. As a player she enjoys blackbox and surrealist larps that draw on her background in theater, where she specialized in Augusto Boal-inspired improvisation.

Chris Bergstresser

Chris Bergstresser is an American larp player and designer. In his spare time, he works as a computer programmer in New York City.

Sarah Lynne Bowman

Sarah Lynne Bowman is a game scholar, designer, and organizer. She is currently a Researcher in Game Design at Uppsala University, as well as the Program Coordinator for Peace & Conflict Studies at Austin Community College. Bowman also teaches as adjunct faculty in English, Communication, and Humanities. McFarland Press published her dissertation in 2010 as The Functions of Role-playing Games: How Participants Create Community, Solve Problems, and Explore Identity. She helped organize the Living Games Conference (2014, 2016, 2016) and the Role-playing and Simulation in Education Conference (2016, 2018). In addition, Bowman served as an editor for The Wyrd Con Companion Book from 2012-2015. She is currently a Coordinating Editor for the International Journal of Role-Playing and a managing editor at

Simon Brind

Simon Brind is a PhD candidate at the Digital Cultures Research Centre, UWE, UK. He is researching moments of narrative crisis in participatory fiction. He has been playing and writing larps since 1985 and hopes one day to get it right. He believes in the primacy of player agency. He lives in London, England.

Maury Brown

Maury Brown is a storyteller, larp producer, game designer, and scholar who consults with educational institutions and companies about interactive storytelling experiences. She is known for her scholarly and practical work designing safety and calibration techniques for larp and participatory experiences and for helping larp communities improve their accessibility and inclusion. She wrote and produced several multi-day destination Nordic-style experiences, including New World Magischola, Immerton, and Beat Generation, and believes in the power of roleplay to empower individuals and transform societal norms.

Kamil Buchtík

Kamil Buchtík is a Czech larper, larp designer, co-organizer of a year-round Prague chamber larp festival HRAJ LARP and organizer of experiential events.

Martin Buchtík

Martin Buchtík has been playing larps since 2001. He designed number of games, recently he was head designer of Moon (2011) and Skoro Rassvet (2012). He is a director of the Public Opinion Research Centre at the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences and specialises in methodology of social research, non-standard techniques (including role-playing) of sociological research and public opinion forming.

Sander Burger

Sander Burger (b. 1980) has been a Dutch larp designer and organiser since 2003. He combines his dayjob at Doctors Without Borders with various larps and larp projects, like Cirque Noir and On The Styx.

Axiel Cazeneuve

Axiel Cazeneuve (b. 1994) is a French anthropologist, larpwright, and queer activist. They create sex ed games and community resources and are a board member of several French larping organization, including the national federation.

Quinn D

Quinn has over a decade of experience writing, running, and participating in roleplaying events in a variety of formats and styles. In addition to multiple staff positions at the Intercon larp convention, on the New England Interactive Literature board of directors and Peaky Midwest, Quinn is co-founder and convention organizer of the Be-Con larp convention. Quinn values larp for its ability to build empathy, educate, explore human existence and create social bonds. Quinn's recent focus has been on emotional content, identity exploration and empathy building in a visceral and safe manner. In addition to, Quinn has previously been published in the Wyrd Con 2015 and Knutpunkt 2018 books. Outside of roleplaying events, Quinn enjoys making things, spending time with friends, and volunteering time for a local community health clinic.

Carolina Dahlberg

Carolina Dahlberg is a larp writer from Sweden. She has a professional career in information design and educational games.

Johan Dahlberg

Johan Dahlberg is a Swedish larper and larp designer. He holds a PhD in molecular medicine, and he loves a good story.

Elin Dalstål

Elin Dalstål (b. 1986) has been a larper and organizer since 2002, based in northern Sweden. She has organized larps and convententions and been on the board of several larp organisations.

Elektra Diakolambrianou

Elektra Diakolambrianou (born 1984) is a Greek psychologist and researcher with post-graduate studies in person-centred psychotherapy, art therapy, and social psychology. She works as a psychotherapist, a lecturer at the Institution for Counseling and Psychological Studies in Athens, as well as an associate psychotherapist and researcher at NGOs that work with refugees, migrants and ex-convicts. Her journey in larp began in 2017, soon leading her to explore the psychotherapeutic, educational and political dimensions of larp. Since 2019 she is a member and co-founder of LARPifiers, a Greek-based larp designer non-profit company, where she works as a larp designer, organizer, and project manager for various larp-related projects within the Erasmus+ framework.

Karin Edman

Karin Edman (b. 1980) is a Swedish larp designer with a love for the physicality of larp, and has written of larps like The Witches of Ästad Farm and Vedergällningen.

Anna Erlandsson

Anna Erlandsson (b.1986) is a Swedish larper and journalist. She has organized many lectures, panel talks, and events on the area on inclusion, feminism, and the importance of gaming culture in the society. Photo by David Lagerlöf.

Daniel P. Espinosa

Daniel P. Espinosa is a Spanish novel writer. He also organizes literature workshops when stars are right and edits books when they are even more right. He has several novels and short stories published, like his medieval Spain horror and fantasy novel, Ad Infernum. When he is not writing, he is devoted to his other addiction, tabletop roleplaying games and larping.

Eirik Fatland

Eirik Fatland (born 1976) is an interaction designer, writer and larpwright based in Oslo, Norway.

Olivia Fischer

Olivia Fischer (b. 1981) has been an Austrian larp designer since 2002, and is a researcher and lecturer in education. She gives talks and workshops on edularps at conferences and universities.

Bjørn Flindt Temte

Bjørn Flindt Temte is a Narrative Designer, Interactive Storytelling Researcher, and Medialogist. He recently published a paper on roleplaying in virtual environments, and is currently doing research on multiplayer computer/larp hybrids, RPG player types, RPG cognitive processes as well as non-traditional emergent narratives. Bjørn is from '81, lives in Copenhagen, and has been playing and writing role-playing game scenarios since the late 80’s.

Johan Fors

Johan Fors is a game designer from Stockholm, Sweden, working at Lin Education. He creates transmedial stories, Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) and larps. He specializes in digital stories and local history, as in his project Berättelsemaskinen.

David František Wagner

David František Wagner Is Czech larper, larp author and organizer, one of founders of Rolling. Made De la Bete, Legion: Siberian story and 15 more games from battles to chamber larps.

Anneli Friedner

Anneli Friedner is a Swedish larper. She is passionate about larp, queer, feminism and sexuality. She works as a high school teacher, enjoys making workshops and writes the blog Jeu de rôles (in Swedish) about the things that interest her.

Katrin Geneuss

Katrin Geneuss is a research associate at the Department for German Language and Literature at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany. She holds a PhD with a qualitative study of modelling edu-larp as a curriculum-bound drama-tool in German lessons. Her main focus in research and teaching are drama-tools for teaching first, second and foreign languages. Further, she is the founder and of StarManufaktur, a company which facilitates holistic narrative simulation scenarios called STARS (Student Activating Roleplaying Games). The team of StarManufaktur consists of researchers, students and actors who design and facilitate the games in close cooperation with teachers. The STARS roleplaying games are also run in libraries and at festivals in the Munich area (more information on Prior to working at Munich university, Katrin worked as a teacher and lecturer in Sweden (2008 - 1016). There, she was introduced to edu-larp for the first time. Being a passionate about drama in schools, she wanted to find out more about this learning tool, which nowadays constitutes an important aspect of her professional life.

Alessandro Giovannucci

Alessandro Giovannucci (b. 1980) is an Italian lecturer and designer. He co-founded Chaos League, wrote international larps (Sahara Expedition, Bunker 101, New Atlantis), articles about larp, and the Southern Way — New Italian Larp manifesto.

Andrea Giovannucci

Andrea Giovannucci (1977) is one of the founding members of Chaos League. Scholar of games and experienced player, he graduated with honors with a thesis on the history of larp in Italy. He has received a doctorate in history with a thesis on games and society in the nineteenth century. He has written and published profusely on games. He is currently a research fellow at the University "Alma Mater Studiorum" of Bologna.

Ole Peder Giæver

Ole Peder Giæver (born 1980) is a Norwegian larper and role player. He has co-authored the surreal story game Itras by and contributed to the Larps from the Factory book. Giæver makes a living by doing tabloid online news journalism for The Man, and daydreams of liberating his Soul at some point. But maybe not quite as intensely as the last time around.

Elina Gouliou

Elina Gouliou (b. 1977), a Greek in London, has been active in the larp community for over 10 years. Elina loves playing on emotions. She often helps write, edit, and project-manage larps and larp publications.

Hanne Grasmo

Hanne Grasmo (b. 1966) is a larp designer and sociologist from Norway. She published Larp – Levende Rollespill (1998), co-founded Knutepunkt, codesigned Just a Little Lovin’, and recently started her PhD on role-play and sexual arousal.

Julia Greip

Julia Greip (b. 1992) is a Swedish larper, writer, designer and organizer (known for example as one of the organizers of Libertines). She has a passion and eye for dissecting and re-constructing social norms and communication, and a fascination with the subtle magic of archetypes. She has a B.A. in behavioral sciences, and has written academically about larp. She shares reflections on larp and other relevant subjects on the blog Flickers:

Magnar Grønvik Müller

Magnar Grønvik Müller (b.1986) has lectured edu-larp design for various NGOs, educational institutions, and at the Larpwriter Summer School. He is currently finishing his BFA at the Oslo National Academy for the Arts.

Hallgeir Gustavsen

Hallgeir Gustavsen has been larping since early 2000 and after making his first larp in 2013 he kind of fell in love with the hobby once more.

Rosalind Göthberg

Rosalind Göthberg is a Swedish larpwright with a solid theatre background. She annually performs and produces plays with her own theatre society. She loves mixing larp and theatre, creating aesthetic, emotional larps with a strong story to tell.

Jojjon Hamrén

Jojjon Hamrén (b. 1985 and f.k.a. Johanna Nyberg) is a larper and organizer based in the northern parts of Sweden. They were one of the creators of the gaming convention FemCon.

Sanne Harder

'Sanne Harder’ (sometimes credited as Sanne Harder Flamant or S. Benarzi) is a Danish game designer, who has organized and written scenarios since 1994. As part of the Nordic Larp Talks in 2011 she gave a talk titled "Roleplaying as a Teaching Method."

J. Tuomas Harviainen

J. Tuomas Harviainen (b. 1972) Associate Professor of Information Practices, and has been playing and writing larps since 1995. He is one of the editors of the journal Simulation & Gaming.

Jesper Heebøll Arbjørn

Jesper Heebøll Arbjørn first encountered larp around 25 years ago and in the last 20 years he has been into larp organizing and larp analyzing. He considers himself more a larp practitioner than a larp scholar and the thoughts presented in this article are actually some years old, but were filed in his desk drawer then. But recent discussions challenged him to find his old notes and rewrite them into this text. He also once built a 256 square-meter transportable wooden transportable wooden farm building for a larp.

Hélène Henry

Hélène Henry is a video game producer at Ubisoft. She has also worked as an editor, author and passionate participant on tabletop roleplaying games, war games and larps for more than 15 years. One rule to link them all: collaborative storytelling. Based on those experiences and insights, she works at casting bridges between these fields to keep exploring new ways of building, living and sharing stories.

Liv Hernø-Toftild

Liv Hernø-Toftild is a Historian and literature major from Denmark with a larp career old enough to vote in most countries. She has eagerly avoided organizing larps since her teenage years and instead turned to the creation of cultural events and narrative larp organization on a group attendance level. Her favorite hobbies are rebelling against modernity, hiding frogs in people’s belongings, and designing workshops for larp and educational purposes.

Mo Holkar

Mo Holkar is a British larp designer and organizer. He is part of Larps on Location, and is a co-organizer of The Smoke and of The Game Kitchen.

Kjell Hedgard Hugaas

Kjell Hedgard Hugaas is a northern Norwegian game designer, organizer, writer, theorist, and trained actor. He has theorized the ways in which ideas impact players through the process of memetic bleed. He has also published on the transformative potential of games on their players. Hugaas writes and designs on a freelance basis for a number of different studios around the world and also creates chamber larps on his own.

Pawel Jasinski

Pawel Jasinski is a video game designer working for the Polish studio ATGames. He created his first larp in 2004. Years of experience in creating larps, pen and paper RPGs, and board games paved the way for his career in video game development.

Kanane Jones

Kanane Jones is an indie dev and creator of the video game Final Girls. She likes to make small personal games and is currently working on a haunted house game. She started larping before she knew there was a word for it, although she’s mostly been on hiatus for the last decade or so. She has lived in several countries, but currently resides in San Francisco with her sphynx cat, Teto.

L. K.

L. K. is a young queer sexworker who prefers to be anonymous.

Kaisa Kangas

Kaisa Kangas has been making larps for more than 20 years. She was one of the main organisers and fiction lead for the first run of the Palestinian Finnish larp Halat hisar in 2013 and the main organiser of the second run in 2016. She has also been involved in e.g. designing and running educational larps at University of Arts Helsinki. She is an editor of the 2016 Solmubooks Larp Politics and Larp Realia. She holds a B.A. in Japanese Studies and a Ph.D. in mathematical logic.

Petter Karlsson

A Swedish larper, larp designer and producer. He is one of the owners of pedagogic larp production company LajvVerkstaden and he also produces the Nordic Larp Talks.

Jonaya Kemper

Jonaya Kemper (b.1985) is an activist, educator, games scholar, and designer whose work focuses on liberation through reflexive play. She is known for theorizing the concept of emancipatory bleed and encouraging intersectionality within the medium.

Troels Ken Pedersen

Troels Ken Pedersen is a Danish Freeform designer. He loves horrible games and doesn't seem to feel all that much. With those caveats, he is a sappy roleplaying hippie, and believes fiercely in roleplayers as co-creators. He blogs (in Danish) at the Plan B blog:

Shoshana Kessock

Shoshana Kessock is CEO of Phoenix Outlaw Productions and a Narrative Lead at the immersive art installation Meow Wolf. She is a live action roleplaying game producer, contributor to 25+ tabletop roleplaying games, author of games like Dangers Untold and SERVICE, and creator of multiple immersive events enjoyed worldwide. When she isn't producing live action games, she writes fiction, comics, and screenplays. She hails from Brooklyn, New York, now living in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her 19-year-old cat named Lilo. She can be found online at or on Twitter @ShoshanaKessock. Her favorite X-Man is Phoenix and if she had a Pokemon, it would be a Bulbasaur.

Ruska Kevätkoski

Ruska Kevätkoski (b. 1983) is a Finnish larper and organizer who makes enthusiastic noises about transformative and slow larping, equality, and community-based practices.

Yeonsoo Julian Kim

Yeonsoo Julian Kim is a Korean American game designer and writer who splits their time between Arlington, Virginia and Austin, Texas. They graduated from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in 2015, where they studied interactive storytelling and became involved in writing and producing immersive theater pieces. Much of their current work is in tabletop and freeform games that explore some of the darker tropes in popular culture.

Lea Knakkergaard

Lea Knakkergaard is a Danish larper, musician and autism acceptance advocate. They currently live in Austria where they work in an elementary school and use larp to teach English.

Johanna Koljonen

Johanna Koljonen (b. 1978) is a Finnish larp theorist, experience designer, and author. She lectures internationally on participation safety and on the development of the media industries.

Noora Korppi

Noora Korppi (b. 1983) is an occasional larper, singer-songwriter, and emotional intelligence coach. Lately, she has organized freeform larps that offer a gateway to deeper self-knowledge for players.

Yaraslau I. Kot

Yaraslau I. Kot PhD, MBA, MPsych. Larper and larp scholar from Belarus. Author and co-author of hundreds larps, larp projects, articles and books. He lectures at Belarusian State University and Business School IPM. Heads few charity organizations (International Children’s Aid, Medicine and Chernobyl), Larp company Heroes’ Guild and a Law firm Business Advisers.

Sanna Koulu

Sanna Koulu (b. 1977) is a Finnish larper and gamer with an interest in the theoretical and social implications of play and games. Professionally, Sanna works as a researcher in child law and human rights. Photo by Henry Söderlund.

Mia Kyhn

Mia Kyhn (b. 1992) is a Danish larper living in London. She loves freeforms and international larps and ran her first larp at the larp festival The Smoke in January 2020.

Jasmin Lade

Jasmin Lade (b. 1988) is a Swiss larper, designer, and organiser. She’s the head of the larp organiser project Quicksandbox, under which she has published minilarps, and is running Stay.

Hilda Levin

Hilda Levin (b. 1987) is a Swedish larper living in Norway. She has a masters in dramaturgy and works both with storytelling in the theatre and with teaching young playwrights. Photo by Nicolas Tourrenc.

Anna-Karin Linder Krauklis

Anna-Karin Linder Krauklis is a larpwriter from Sweden. She is a theatre educator by profession and works for the Swedish youth organisation Sverok.

Petra Lindve

Petra Lindve has been organizing larps since 2017, writing for larps since 2016, and larping since 2014. She is a member of Atropos Studios and has organized, among others, Where Androids Die, Mr&Mrs – Unscripted, and The Forbidden History. Currently she is working on the third run of the blackbox experience Manligt/Kvinnligt that is set to run in Berlin, together with Lukas Renklint. In her professional life she is a linguist and journalist.

Lauri Lukka

Lauri is a psychologist and game designer from Turku, Finland. As a psychologist he has worked in the fields of clinical, occupational and school psychology, and rehabilitation. At the moment he is employed at an adult psychiatric clinic. Professionally his interests lie in the psychotherapeutical treatment of mental disorders both individually and in groups, and personality research. During the last decade he has designed and organized numerous freeform, tabletop and live role-playing games, such as Prelude, The Cube and Black Rose, respectively. His game, Mikodine XA, won the Knutepunkt larpwright challenge of 2013. He haa also participated in the field of academic game studies with his candidate thesis and Knutepunkt articles. In the future, he would like to combine the fields of clinical psychology, psychiatry and role-playing.

Tara M. Clapper

Tara Clapper is editor of The Geek Initiative, an online website about women in geek culture. She is also the editor of the SEMrush Blog, a resource for digital marketers, content managers, and bloggers. She enjoys attending conventions, chatting about Marvel movies, writing, and role playing. She is from Philadelphia, USA.

James Lórien Macdonald

James Lórien MacDonald (b.1977) is a Finnish-Canadian stand-up comedian and performance artist. He has been working on crossovers between larp, theatre, and performance for over a decade.

Mirella Machancoses López

Mirella Machancoses is an archaeologist, historian and Larp designer from Spain. She is part of the collective Producciones Gorgona, where she has tried to made new formulas to integrate larp and family. She is very into historical background larps, utopias and distopias of any kind.

Erin Marsh

Erin Marsh is a games organiser and theatremaker based in Hull, UK, creating immersive and interactive experiences with a focus on innovative uses of digital platforms. Erin is part of the Bobbit Worm Games collective and interactive theatre company 1UPSTARTS.

Cindy Mikosch

Cindy Mikosch (born 1987) is a German larper and larp designer. Her main goal while hosting or playing a game is the safety of others and that everyone feels comfortable. Her first larp years she spent mainly in different Vampire larp chronicles, but since a few years, she started to explore the world of different genres. She hosts a few little one-shots throughout the year, all of which she designs herself. She is particularly interested in emotional, intense larp settings and in new innovative playstyles, such as immersive online larps. She works as an assistant director in the theatre for children and adolescence and loves to create interesting settings and playgrounds for participants, in larp and theatre alike.

Markus Montola

Markus Montola (b. 1978) is a Helsinki-based game designer, scholar, and entrepreneur, and a long-time contributor to the Nordic larp theory discussion.

Ben Morrow

Benjamin A. Morrow (b. 1976) is a US based larp designer who co-created New World Magischola with Maury Brown in 2016, which had a significant impact on US larp culture regarding inclusion and consent.

Thomas Munier

Thomas Munier is a French author of TTRPGs and of larps that take place mainly in the forest. He is inspired by marginal approaches and outsider art. He also creates content on game design and creativity.

Suus Mutsaers

Susan Mutsaers (b. 1990) is a Dutch larp designer and has been larping since 2008. She works in special education and focuses on larp for all abilities. Her designs often explore isolated communities.

Alva Mårdsjö

Alva Mårdsjö (born 1985) is a Swedish larper and creator. She has two main passions in life; to figure out what makes humans tick, and to create things digital and physical. Larping is the perfect outlet for those passions. She firmly believes that if more people got to play and explore different worlds and try being someone else every once in a while, the world would be a happier place. She has a MsC in Industrial Design Engineering, and works as a UX designer making the world an easier world to live in, one pixel at a time.

Eva Mærsk


Marie Møller

Marie Møller is a Danish writer and larper with a Gender Certificate PLUS from the University of Copenhagen. Her focus areas include the fluid definitions of queer spaces as well as the relationship between communal play and personal development. As a body activist, she has written about the stigmatisation of fat bodies through language and visual representation. She believes in many types of magick, including the potential social impact of role playing and the power of the written word.

Charles Bo Nielsen

Charles Bo Nielsen (b 1988) is a poser, poet and pirate. Mostly known for help founding the larp franchise College of Wizardry and teaching at the Larp Writer Summer School. Specialized in co-creative design and loves meeting and working with new organizers.

Martin Nielsen

Martin Nielsen (b.1980) is a larp designer and organizer of meeting places such as Grenselandet, Blackbox Deichman, and the Larpwriter Summer School. He is co-founder and the current manager of the Oslo-based larp company Alibier.

Elin Nilsen

Elin Nilsen is a larp designer and larper from Norway. She was the founder of the Trondheim Larp Factory, one of the editors of Larps from the Factory, and has been involved in making larps for both her local and an international audience.

Alexander Orlov

Alexander "Gray" Orlov is a Russian larp-player and game-master of central region. Co-organizer of historical and fantasy larps such as “Second Age” (2010) and “Being a Monk” (2015). Philosopher, theologist.

Will Osmond

Will Osmond (b. 1981) is a British larper, organiser, and designer. He is completing his PhD in Theatre and Performance at the University of Surrey, focusing on the politics of larping. Photo by Oliver Facey.

Mo Mo O’Brien

Shortly after being born on the peak of a volcano on a full moon, to the god of death and a pink owl, Mo Mo O’Brien started a youtube channel. 3 years ago she attended her first lap event, documenting her adventures online, and since then has received wonderful responses to her videos about larp. Her channel has over 74,000 subscribers, 5 million views, and her endeavours have landed her opportunities like: cameos in webseries, a starring role in a candy commercial, and being privileged to travel the world to larp. She loves role play heavy games and hates writing bios.

Eino Partanen

Eino Partanen (b. 1979) is a researcher, a university lecturer in psychology, and an occasional larper.

Bjarke Pedersen

Bjarke Pedersen is the creative director of Participation Design Agency. His primary work is designing participatory events and experiences with a focus on strong stories. In the last twenty years he has worked on projects ranging from transmedia storytelling for television to real-world participatory games with more than 10.000 people playing at the same time. He is a world-leading expert in the design of bespoke larps for grownups. These immersive experiences include Inside Hamlet at the castle Elsinore in Denmark, and End of the Line, the first official collaborative style larp product from White Wolf, produced in Helsinki, New Orleans and Berlin. Bjarke teaches and lectures on participatory design and culture at universities, conferences and art festivals across Europe and USA. He is a co-founder of the Alibis for Interaction masterclass.

LolV Peregrin

LolV Peregrin graduated in Ancient Languages and Archeology and now works as a social worker in a non-profit association that focuses on learning through play. They are a queer autistic activist and performer who uses larp and arts to put disabilities, mental illness, community, and LGBTQIA+’s narratives in the spotlight to raise awareness on these particular subjects.

Inge-Mette Petersen

Inge-Mette Petersen is a Danish teacher, cook, part time academic, and full-time museum employee who discovered larping late in life and has not looked back since.

Juhana Pettersson

Juhana Pettersson (b. 1980) is a Finnish novelist and designer of larps and roleplaying games. His best known larps are End of the Line, Halat hisar, Luminescence, and Parliament of Shadows.

Simon James Pettitt

Simon James Pettitt has written over ten games for Fastaval, and several blackbox larps among others Waiting for Flight G0901. He's the main organizer of Black Box Horsens.

Joanna Piancastelli

Joanna Piancastelli (b. 1988) is a UK-based larp designer who specialises in bringing narrative experience design techniques to familiar genre stories, aiming for safety, inclusivity and accessibility in all her events. She has written and organised larps from small black box scenarios to large on-location productions, and as a participant she seeks out larps across a wide variety of traditions to learn from as many designers as possible.

Holger Pick

Holger Pick (b. 1972) is a German Murder Mystery Dinner actor and translator. Holger started larping and GMing when there were battle boards. Internationally, he wrote and edited characters for Midwinter and The Last Song.

Mike Pohjola

Mike Pohjola is a Finnish novelist, trans-media developer, game designer and entrepreneur. He has founded two award-winning companies, that together have won an International Emmy Award, two Interactive Rockies, and a Prix Europa. Pohjola is a frequent speaker at media, fantasy, anime, role-playing conferences around the world including Poland, France, United States, Norway, Germany, and Italy. His topics include participation, trans-media, the roots of postmodern storytelling in prehistoric rituals, using games to change world, and almost driving his wife insane with a birthday game that turned into a human experiment. He has also designed the Age of the Tempest role-playing game, aimed for kids and beginners. The game is sold in book stores and toy stores around Finland, and will soon be published in English. Currently Pohjola is working on the environmental Baltic Warriors project. It will have seven larps and seven debates in seven Baltic Sea coastal cities. It is a trans-media story about the eutrophication of the sea... and zombie vikings.

Gerrit Reininghaus

Gerrit Reininghaus is a live action designer from Germany with strong links to Guatemala. His works tackle opportunities and challenges of online live action play. He is also writing story games to organize his thoughts and experiences: from tuk tuk racing to the joy of putting on makeup together. Gerrit has won two Golden Cobras for LAOG designs, and a FRED for promotion of the German of the larp scene to a wider audience.

Tadeu Rodrigues Iuama

Master in Communication and Culture at University of Sorocaba, Brazil, where he has researched bleed in, under the title "Communicational processes in storytelling games: the relationship between player’s roleplay and life stories ". Member of the Mediatic Narratives Research Group, also at UNISO.

Juan Ignacio Ros

Juan Ignacio Ros is a Spanish writer, larp designer and proponent of the “play to flow” style who specializes in focused and experimental high resolution larps and has an interest in symbolism, alternative narratives, and their mixing with immersion. He has designed larps since 2004, when he co-founded Somnia, the spearhead group for vanguard larps in Spain.

Eleanor Saitta

Eleanor Saitta (b. 1978) is a hacker, artist, designer, writer, and barbarian making a living and vocation of understanding how complex, transdisciplinary systems and stories fail and redesigning them to fail better.

Mia Sand

Mia Sand is a Swedish larper and former producer of the swedish Vampire chronicle Stockholm By Night. Has a past in the Swedish navy, a present as a free lance writer and hopes for a different, more solidaric future for Sweden after the election in september.

Siri Sandquist

Siri Sandquist has organised larps but more importantly worked as kitchen staff at larps for almost four years. She works as a larp pedagogue with LajvVerkstaden and believe in creating larp magic by using all senses of The body, even taste.

Alexis Sandrén

Alexis Sandrén (b. 1981) is a Swedish larper and parish pedagogue. He’s one of the writers behind Cabaret – The Larp Musical and ”winner” of Eurosing 2018 – The Eurovision Song Contest larp.

Usva Seregina

Usva Seregina (PhD) is a researcher and lecturer in consumer sociology, as well as a practicing visual and performance artist. Usva’s artistic and academic endeavours often overlap, with the main focus of their work being the exploration of the meaning and power structures of consumerism in contemporary culture. Usva is an avid proponent of larp as a political and educational tool, which emerges as larp design that makes use of academic and artistic practices.

Anne Serup Grove

Anne Serup Grove (b. 1987) is a Danish larper and ethnographic designer by trade. In recent years, Anne has focussed on inclusive costuming and safety in larping.

Lizzie Stark

Lizzie Stark is a US-based author, game designer, and playable theater creator. Her prize-winning game design and facilitation work has been shown at festivals such as Indiecade, E3, Stockholm Fringe Festival, Future of Storytelling, and Fastaval and includes collaborations with a variety of cultural institutions, including the Peabody Essex Museum and the Kennedy Center. She's best-known for her book Leaving Mundania, about the world of larp in the US and beyond.

Tereza "Ciri" Staňková

Tereza "Ciri" Staňková runs a larp workshop and a chamber larp festival, and is a co-organiser of several high-production outdoor larps, including “Za obzor” (Over the Horizon) that takes place on a sailing boat. She is an elementary school tutor for the primary prevention of drug abuse.

Jaakko Stenros

Jaakko Stenros (b. 1976) is a game scholar working at Tampere University. He has published nine books and numerous articles, has co-create a few larps, and has curated exhibitions at the Finnish Museum of Games.

Annica Strand

Works as a producer at the mobile game studio Rovio. Before she started there she studied digital media at the peculiar school Hyper Island in Stockholm and later worked as a production manager at Acne Play. She has been active in the larp hobby since 1999, and organized a number of major and minor events since. Treasurer of the association Ursula and one of three organizers for the project UnderStockholm that received funding from the Stockholm City Council in 2012.

Emma Ström

Emma is a Swedish larper with a penchant for games where one might learn more about oneself, about others’ viewpoints and the world as we see it. She has been seen as a larp organizer, aide and participant during the half of her life that has been devoted to larping.

Martine Svanevik

Martine Svanevik is a Norwegian larper, fiction writer, narrative and game designer. A co-founder of Avalon Larp Studio, her work has featured in both AAA games and indie productions. She’s been playing and making larps since 1999.

Marcin Słowikowski

Culture expert and communication specialist based in Poland. Larp player, designer, promoter, critic and judge of larp contests. Co-founder of LubLarp project, organiser of Kola Larp Conference, editor of several Kola companion books. Author of prize-winning System and Nightclub.

Nina Teerilahti

Nina Teerilahti is a Finnish artist, comic artist, illustrator and graphic designer. In her art she uses the alias Nina Mutik. A few years ago Nina started larping again and is also creating larps. Nina has a producer’s degree and has worked both in producing events and in middle management in the IT-business before pursuing a career in art.

Ian Thomas

Ian is a videogames writer, designer and coder. He's co-director of Talespinners, a story-for-games company that helps games studios with narrative. Ian started larping in 1990, and with his friends and partner runs ridiculously high-production-value events under the banner of Crooked House.

Ida Mia Thylstrup

Ida Mia Thylstrup (b. 1990) is an enthusiastic larper who plays to experience different parts of society and different social structures. She is currently working as a pedagogue with children in vulnerable positions.

Elisa Tognari

Elisa Tognari (b.1993) works with the association Secondi Figli focusing on spreading larp ”outside the bubble” via Open-Larp, a framework for games where passers-by can join and leave when they want.

Anni Tolvanen

Anni Tolvanen (b. 1982) is a Finnish composer, sound designer, and educator. She works internationally on participatory art and games projects, and has co-created various larps over past 20 years.

Evan Torner

Evan Torner (b. 1982) is an American professor of German who began doing larp theory and design a decade ago. He co-founded the Analog Game Studies journal and the Golden Cobra Challenge. Photo by Jenni Toivanen.

Lorenzo Trenti

Lorenzo Trenti (b. 1977) is a journalist, gamer and game author. He works in communication and media in Italy. He is one of the founders of the Flying Circus manifesto ( He has written, organised and studied RPGs and larps as a form of contemporary storytelling.

Sharon Underberg

Sharon Underberg lives and works in New Jersey as a pediatric radiologist. The first run of New World Magischola was life changing and transformative for her. Since then, she has dived headfirst into the larp scene, participating at College of Wizardry, NWM, Road Trip, Seventh Kingdom IGE, and others.

Aaron Vanek

Aaron Vanek survives Los Angeles with the help of his wife Kirsten, also a larp designer, and Missekat, a pussyfoot named in honor of Nordic larp. For a longer bio and free stuff, check out

Susanne Vejdemo

Susanne Vejdemo is a larp designer and larp producer based in Stockholm and New York, who has produced larps such as Frizon, Suffragett!, Grandma’s Tiara, So Mom I Made This Sex Tape, Aslan's Jyhad, and Athena's Chosen, among many others. She often runs larp design brainstorming meetups.

Olga Vorobyeva

Olga Vorobyeva (St. Petersburg, Russia), a PhD student in Cultural Anthropology (European university at St. Petersburg), a larper since 2008, and a larp theorist since 2013. One of few academic researchers of larp in Russia. Olga defended Master thesis on frame switching in Russian larps (2014) and goes on working on body and embodiment of larpers and their characters in-game. She participates in field larps in Central Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg regions) and presents the results of researches on roleplaying conventions in Russia and abroad (e.g. Knutpunkt-2014 and 2015). Olga has articles on Russian larps published in English (Wyrd Con Companion Book, Knudepunkt Companion Book) and in Russian; she translates foreign articles for Russian annual larp books and is one of the editors of cross-cultural collection “Nordic-Russian Larp Dialog” (2015). She prefers historical larps on European and Russian history and fantasy ones.

Annika Waern

Annika Waern is a game and play design scholar, and professor in Human-Computer Interaction at Uppsala University. She has both professional and volunteer experience from designing and staging larp and pervasive games, and has written about larp both in and out of academia. She was a co-designer of the pervasive experiences Interference and Codename Heroes and the larp Cabaret, and has designed several shorter scenarios.

Matthew Webb

Matthew Webb is the creator of Planetfall science fiction larp and owner of its production company, Incognita Limited. As a larpwriter, he has designed a variety of games from blackbox to boffer. A native of Austin, Texas, he has presented on competitive economics and augmented reality in larping. He has strong opinions, some of which might even be correct.

Monika Weißenfels

The author lives and works in Germany. She published articles in the german print magazin “LARPzeit", co-authored Mini-Larps and co-organizes a 100 people larp group at the Mythodea campaign. She has written small and medium scale larp plots.

Anna Westerling

Designer of A nice Evening with the Family, Fortune & Felicity, Love Stories by ABBA, Robin’s friends and more. Producer of Stockholm Scenario Festival and Knutpunkt 2010.

Katrine Wind

Katrine Wind (b. 1988) is the founder of the Danish larp organization Narrators Inc., co-founder of the larp-design podcast Larping out Loud, main designer of Spoils of War, the upcoming Daemon, and several Danish-speaking larps.

Laura Wood

Laura Wood is a British larper and larp designer. She is a co-organiser of the Smoke Larp Festival, and of Larps on Location. She has also designed several larps which have run in several countries throughout Europe including Here Comes a Candle, Down the Line and Inside. She loves larp for its ability to explore relationships, ethics and identity and is currently interested in safety, consent and community building.

Peter Woodworth

Pete is a New Jersey native and resides there still, happily teaching English at a small local college. He is the author of the Dead Heroes survival horror trilogy, and his short fiction has appeared in anthologies such as The Ministry Initiative, Gimme Shelter, and The Lost, as well as on websites such as Terrible Minds and 365 Tomorrows. Working for White Wolf, Evil Hat, Eschaton Media and others, he has also written a stack of role-playing books for both tabletop and live-action play, most notably serving as a writer and developer for White Wolf's legendary Mind's Eye Theatre line. He even enjoyed working as a rock journalist until his newspaper finally caught on that most newspaper readers are over fifty and do not know or care about Flogging Molly. When he isn't grading papers or writing novels, he reads a lot, runs too many RPGs, is seriously addicted to Fantasy Flight board games, and larps whenever he can swing it. (Photo by Joseph Falcetano)

Ashley Zdeb

Ashley Zdeb is the CEO of Eschaton Media Publications, Co-Founder of the Dystopia Rising LARP Network, and Co-Founder of the Imagine Nation Collective.

Karijn van der Heij

Karijn van der Heij (b. 1983) is a Dutch larpwriter and designer, contributing to dozens of larps in the Dutch and international scenes. She loves stories more than anything and is a character design geek.

Agata Świstak

Feminist, leader, larp organiser. By day, I work as a volunteer coordinator, facilitating blockbuster events like College of Wizardry and Larp Design Conference at Polish castles. I focus on building co-creative community, where everyone can participate and learn how to make larps by doing. I run workshop and lectures devoted to practical side of organising (logistic, coordination, prototyping), have short affairs with game design and strive to do as much globetrotting larping as I can!