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Olga Vorobyeva

Olga Vorobyeva (St. Petersburg, Russia), a PhD student in Cultural Anthropology (European university at St. Petersburg), a larper since 2008, and a larp theorist since 2013. One of few academic researchers of larp in Russia. Olga defended Master thesis on frame switching in Russian larps (2014) and goes on working on body and embodiment of larpers and their characters in-game. She participates in field larps in Central Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg regions) and presents the results of researches on roleplaying conventions in Russia and abroad (e.g. Knutpunkt-2014 and 2015). Olga has articles on Russian larps published in English (Wyrd Con Companion Book, Knudepunkt Companion Book) and in Russian; she translates foreign articles for Russian annual larp books and is one of the editors of cross-cultural collection “Nordic-Russian Larp Dialog” (2015). She prefers historical larps on European and Russian history and fantasy ones.