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Katrin Geneuss

Katrin Geneuss is a research associate at the Department for German Language and Literature at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany. She holds a PhD with a qualitative study of modelling edu-larp as a curriculum-bound drama-tool in German lessons. Her main focus in research and teaching are drama-tools for teaching first, second and foreign languages. Further, she is the founder and of StarManufaktur, a company which facilitates holistic narrative simulation scenarios called STARS (Student Activating Roleplaying Games). The team of StarManufaktur consists of researchers, students and actors who design and facilitate the games in close cooperation with teachers. The STARS roleplaying games are also run in libraries and at festivals in the Munich area (more information on Prior to working at Munich university, Katrin worked as a teacher and lecturer in Sweden (2008 - 1016). There, she was introduced to edu-larp for the first time. Being a passionate about drama in schools, she wanted to find out more about this learning tool, which nowadays constitutes an important aspect of her professional life.