Write for Us

Write for Us

We are not at all interested in any kind of sponsored posts, content marketing or other paid content. We are ONLY interested in submissions that are actually about larp and from the larp community. Any unsolicited email about so called guest posts, content marketing, etc will be reported as spam and if applicable reported to the senders ISP’s, employers and relevant authorities.

Nordiclarp.org accepts text on larp related subjects from the international larp community. We can’t offer any economic compensation, but we can promise to help you make the most of the text and to have it published in the company of other great texts. No subject is too large or small and we welcome new ideas, not just the kind of texts we have published before. We accept both original content and re-publication of already published work. We of course reserve the right to refuse texts but rarely do.

If you have written or been an editor for a text you think would fit us don’t hesitate to contact us and we can sort out the details. We have published texts from Knutepunkt books and Nordic Larp Yearbook before and love to help spread these kind of texts.

What to Write

We publish everything from short musings, larp reports and opinion pieces to lengthy academic texts, manifestos and everything in between. We’ve published many kind of texts before but of course welcome other kinds of texts. Have a look at our previously published texts if you want some inspiration for format. As long as the text is related to larp there is no set format or rules.

You Are Qualified

Yes you are qualified to write for us. As long as you have something to say about larp we want to hear it. Really, we do! There is no minimum requirement when it comes to length, citations, language, etc. We will help you edit your text and give feedback. Your view is important and your writing is good enough!

Have a look at our style guide if you want some guidance for how to shape your language.

The Process

After we get your first draft we assign it to an editor who will have the main responsibility for the text. They will work together with you in a Google Drive document until the text is ready for publication.

We need at least one high resolution photograph for the article header, but preferably more than that to illustrate. If you provide photos we need to know that we have the right to use them, who took them, captions and what state they were taken in (play, before game, after game, etc). We can help you find a fitting photo that we are allowed to use if you can’t produce photos.

If you are a new contributor to the website we also need a short bio and byline photo. The bio needs to be without formatting and about 150-300 characters long. We can also add links to one website and one link to each social media account you have (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc).

After all this is in place we layout the text and queue it for publication. It’s that simple!


If your article is in print elsewhere, you will need to obtain permission from the other publisher before we can consider your work. For articles published originally on Nordiclarp.org, all rights are reserved for the author and are published with their permission. Authors have the additional option of opting to publish under a Creative Commons license, which we will add to the article.

Writing about Larps

If you’re writing about a particular larp or larp event, there is some basic information that we need about it, to make sure that your article can be understood in the right context. We will usually include this as an infobox alongside the article. Here’s an example:

Larp Name: Screaming into the Darkness
Designer(s)/Studio: Dick Nordlarper
Dates: 8–11 October 2022
Location: Mörkborg Castle, Denmark
Organizers: Very Serious Larps Inc.
Price: EUR 250/350/450 [indicate if there are subsidized places, etc] Website: https://screaming.eu
Credits if available (with roles): Ay Bee (logistics), Cee Dee (catering), etc…

Also helpful is any other contextualizing information about the larp, such as when it premiered, how many runs of the larp have occurred so far, and any information about the design philosophy behind its creation. How is it in dialogue with other traditions within Nordic larp or adjacent to it?

Take the Plunge

Contact us to get started. We prefer email to contribute@nordiclarp.org, but messages on our Facebook page works too.

If you wish to write under pseudonym or anonymously you can contact the editor in chief directly at johannes@nordiclarp.org, we promise to handle your personal information with discretion.