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Chaos League

Chaos League was born in Abruzzo, Italy, in 1992. It is formed by boys and girls with different educational and professional backgrounds: actors, musicians, directors, educators, writers. In the course of time we have experimented with different larping formulas. Yet, as every event is a story in itself, the attention to interpretation and the experience of others have always been at the core of our larping philosophy since we believe larps are something profound, almost visionary. We set our stories in various historical contexts: during the First and Second World Wars, in a nineteenth-century phalanstery following the footsteps of philosopher Charles Fourier, in present-time locations, in an Italian monastery in the Middle Ages, in a dystopian post-atomic world of the near future. For the most part, we have organized events in Italy although recently we have crossed the national borders stretching as far as England and Sweden in the pursuit of culturally unfamiliar landscapes.