What is Nordic Larp?

What is Nordic Larp?

Larp is originally an acronym for Live Action Role Playing, but today it’s used as name in itself. It refers to a type of interactive game or storytelling in which the players assume a role and act as a character within the set fiction. It can be described as theater without an audience or script.

Nordic-style larp, or Nordic larp, is a term used to describe a school of larp game design that emerged in the Nordic countries. Nordic-style larp is dramatically different from larp in other parts of the world – here are a few examples of aims and ideals that are typical for this unique gaming scene:

Immersion. Nordic larpers want to feel like they are “really there”. This includes creating a truly convincing illusion of physically being in a medieval village/on a space ship/WWII bunker, playing a character that is very close to your own physical appearance, as well as focusing on getting under the character’s skin to “feel their feelings”. Dreaming in character at night is seen by some nordic larpers as a sign of an appropriate level of immersion.

Collaboration. Nordic-style larp is about creating an exciting and emotionally affecting story together, not measuring your strength. There is no winning, and many players intentionally let their characters fail in their objectives to create more interesting stories.

Artistic vision. Many Nordic games are intended as more than entertainment – they make artistic or even political statements. The goal in these games is to affect the players long term, to perhaps change the way they see themselves or how they act in society.

  • Valdemars Sturis

    Hi everyone of Larping world…
    I would like to introduce to you our group named HOMO MOBILIS. We are group of Larper`s that are interested in variety of live action role games, esspecially those of fantasy world or hystorical reconstructions.
    In our experiance bigest LARP events were held in Russia, where we attended such games as “Warhammer” and “Wolfs of Odin” where number of participants exceeds 2000 – 4000 thousands.
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