Elina Gouliou, UK - Editor, Outreach Liaison

Elina Gouliou, UK – Editor, Outreach Liaison

Elina Gouliou has been a member of the larp community for over 10 years, has co-written a small larp called Naptime, and has helped write, edit, and project manage a number of international larps. She has served on the admin team of the annual national larp convention Consequences and as an organizer of The Smoke: London’s International Larp Festival. Currently she is the lead editor of a documentation book about The Quota, a larp on refugees.

Mo Holkar, UK - Editor

Mo Holkar, UK – Editor

Mo Holkar is a former organizer of The Smoke: London’s International Larp Festival, and of The Game Kitchen; and is a member of the Larps on Location design collective. He used to work in academic publishing, but eventually got over it. He has provided editorial services to a number of KP-books and other larp publishing projects.

Sarah Lynne Bowman, Sweden – Editor

Sarah Lynne Bowman is a game scholar, designer, and organizer. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Game Design at Uppsala University and a founding member of their Transformative Play Initiative research group. She also teaches Humanities, Peace & Conflict Studies, and Global Studies at Austin Community College. McFarland Press published her dissertation in 2010 as The Functions of Role-playing Games: How Participants Create Community, Solve Problems, and Explore Identity. She helped organize the Living Games Conference (2014, 2016, 2016), the Role-playing and Simulation in Education Conference (2016, 2018), and the Transformative Play Initiative Seminar (2022). In addition to Nordiclarp.org, Bowman served as an editor for The Wyrd Con Companion Book (2012-2015) and currently edits for the International Journal of Role-Playing (2016-).