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Peter Woodworth

Pete is a New Jersey native and resides there still, happily teaching English at a small local college. He is the author of the Dead Heroes survival horror trilogy, and his short fiction has appeared in anthologies such as The Ministry Initiative, Gimme Shelter, and The Lost, as well as on websites such as Terrible Minds and 365 Tomorrows. Working for White Wolf, Evil Hat, Eschaton Media and others, he has also written a stack of role-playing books for both tabletop and live-action play, most notably serving as a writer and developer for White Wolf's legendary Mind's Eye Theatre line. He even enjoyed working as a rock journalist until his newspaper finally caught on that most newspaper readers are over fifty and do not know or care about Flogging Molly. When he isn't grading papers or writing novels, he reads a lot, runs too many RPGs, is seriously addicted to Fantasy Flight board games, and larps whenever he can swing it. (Photo by Joseph Falcetano)