Larp out of Character

Larp out of Character

Larp out of Character is an American blog with video interviews of larpers and larp designers. Here is they’re own description of the blog:

As a LARPer for about 20 years now, I have probably been in more LARP theory discussions than in actual games.  I have tried a lot of LARP styles, and in my experience the people matter as much as any other aspect of a LARP.  Who I play with, who I write with, and who I run with has as much impact on the final product as all the mechanics, acting tricks, plot brilliance, and set design.  This project – LARP Out Of Character – will focus on those people and their experiences.

We will talk to LARPers out-of-character and hopefully see how the character of those LARPers makes LARP what it is.

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Johannes Axner is a Swede who loves to play and design larps, build community and blow things up. Creator and Editor in Chief of