Elements of Larp Design

Elements of Larp Design

What is it larp designers actually design? How do players actually respond to design decisions? Are there any truths that apply to all the different kinds of larp design? Eirik Fatland presents his unpublished yet influential mid-level theory of what the big picture in larp design looks like. An updated re-run of a classic KP presentation.

Cover Photo: screenshot from the video. Photo by KP SK on YouTube.

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Eirik Fatland is a larpwright, theorist, and founding member of the Nordic larp movement. He is known as a designer of dark, ambitious larps with political themes (Europa, Inside:Outside, and PanoptiCorp), strongly narrative and occasionally comedic larps (Moiras Vev, Marcellos Kjeller), and as a speaker and educator specializing in matters of larp design. He is in possession of a Norwegian passport, a Master of Arts degree from the University of Art and Design Helsinki, and a job in financial services.