Larpwriter Summer School 2014 Open for Applications

Larpwriter Summer School 2014 Open for Applications

The 2014 edition of the Larpwriter Summer School is now accepting applications. This is how they describe the project:

We believe larp can change the world. That it’s harder to disrespect, have prejudices against, or start a war with someone when you have been in their shoes. By creating international networks, sharing experiences and reflecting upon them we believe larp can promote understanding and create a better world to live in.

The goal of the Larpwriter summer school is to create this international network and to empower it’s participants with the experiences and the tools they need to create their own roleplaying games and larps.

The Larpwriter summer school is designed to take participants with little or no larp experience to the level where they have the tools and enthusiasm to organize their own larps.

Besides the learning, the Summer School is a magical place of new friends, late-night swimming and good times.

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