Bringing Larp to the Larpers

Bringing Larp to the Larpers

Katrine Wind has worked with local producers to re-run her larp Daemon in different countries. The reasons to do so are many! Sustainability, accessibility, and co-creation. In this presentation she shares her experiences from the US, UK, Denmark, and Belgium together with some of the collaborators: Sandy Bailly who is the producer of the Belgian run and Mo Holkar who is the safety person. Mo has also brought larps abroad from his local scene, and provides insights from those experiences. The aim is to hopefully inspire people to bring larps to other communities. It is easier than you think, and we should re-run more larps!

Cover Photo: screenshot from the video. Photo by KP SK on YouTube.

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Mo Holkar is a British larp designer and organizer. He is part of the Larps on Location design collective, and was formerly an organizer of The Smoke and of The Game Kitchen. He is a member of the editorial board of
Katrine Wind (b. 1988) is the founder of the Danish larp organization Narrators Inc., co-founder of the larp-design podcast Larping out Loud, main designer of Spoils of War, Daemon, co-designer of the upcoming Helicon with Maria Pettersson and several Danish-speaking larps.
Sandy Bailly (b. 1986) is a Belgian larper who occasionally also crews, writes, designs and organises larps. She is a firm believer in restoring people's self-confidence and autonomy, and aspires to carry this out in the mundane world as well as to do this for herself. They are interested in small, collaborative, feelgood and altruistic play in larp, as well as in movies, books and food. Sandy believes in re-imagining reality through play and in building communities of care.