College of Wizardry 2014 Round-up

College of Wizardry 2014 Round-up

College of Wizardry is a Harry Potter themed larp made by the organizations Rollespilsfabrikken (Denmark) and Liveform (Poland). You can read more about the individual team members at the College of Wizardry Team page.

The larp is set in the beautiful Polish Czocha Castle and the first run was helt in November 2014 with follow-ups planned for April 2015.

Cosmic Joke, known for their larp documentary Treasure Trapped, was on location for the Harry Potter themed larp  to film a documentary at the event. The film has now been released and can be viewed in it’s entirety on their Youtube channel:

Besides the documentary, there was great photo documentation by John Paul BichardChristina MolbechNadina Wiórkiewicz and Maciek Nitka.

The larp has garnered a lot of media attention with outlets like The Verge, Vice, io9, USA Today and many more.

Here is a more complete list of news outlets writing about the larp, to get a sense of the massive impact:
9gagAnap Holik, A.V. Club, allgeektome, Angloberry, Big News Network, Blastr, Blog di cultura, Breaking News (int newsportal), BUSTLE, Buzzfeed, Buzzfeed,, Christian Science Monitor, CINEMABLEND, cinque colonne,, Coffee & Geeks,, Daily Mail, Daily Telegraph, Destination femme, Die Welt, DNA India, Don’t Hate the Geek, DR Kultur, Durnesque-Esque, dzika banda, E! Online UK, E-fantastyka, eBuzznews,, Entertainment Weekly,, Epic Stream, Examiner, Fansided, Fashion & Style,, Forces of Geek, Fox News, FRPnet, Future of Storytelling, Geek Kingdom, Geek Native, Geeks are Sexy, Geektyrant, Geeky Kool, Geeky News, Hatak,, HNGN, Hollywood Life, Hospodářské Noviny, Huffington Post, I hate it here, IBT Video, iHotelsclub, IMDB, Imgur, The Independent, INQUISITR, International Business Times, Inventor Spot, Kawaiian Punch, kawerna, , La real noticia online,, livros só mudam pessoas, Lundagård, Mail Online (Daily Mail), Mashable, Mental_Floss, Metro UK, Mic, Minds Delight (German), Mirror, Moje Miastro, Movie News Guide, Movie pilot, MSN, MTV, Nerdist, newsmonkey, Newsweek Poland, ONET FIlm, Pennsylvania Conservative Review, PEOPLE, People’s Choice, Philly, PoeTV, Popsugar, Refinery29, Roadtrippers, Roleplay Domain,,, Seventeen, SheKnows, SourceFed (Discovery), Star Pittsburgh, stopklatka, Synced, Teen Vogue, Telegraph, tgcom24, That Crazy Earth, The Express Tribune, The Mary Sue, The News (poland),, trendhunter, TVN 24, TVP Info, UpRoxx, USA Today, Vanity Fair, Vi Unge, Yahoo! News Canada and ZIMBIO.

There has also been some things written by participants at the larp. Petter Karlsson (Sweden) has written a lengthy report covering many aspects and media reports:

Shoshanna Kessock (US) has written a piece about her experience at the larp for Kill Screen:

There are blog posts from Kim Tomas Laivindil Klevengen (Norway), Mike Pohjola (Finland), Juan Ignacio Ros (Spain), J-Mac MacDonald (Canada/Finland), Pavle Pelikan (Croatia) and Nicolas Hornyak (US).

Sign up for the next installment of the larp opens on 11 December 2014 at their website:

Update 2014-12-10 11:21 CET. Added some more links.

Update 2014-12-11 11:09 CET. Added some more links.

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