Once Upon a Nordic Larp… – The Knutepunkt 2017 Book

Once Upon a Nordic Larp… – The Knutepunkt 2017 Book

The official book for Knutepunkt 2017 is called Once Upon a Nordic Larp… Twenty Years of Playing Stories and it’s out now!

It promises to be a very interesting read weighing in at an impressive 404 pages. Here’s how the editors introduce it:

Being a complex grimoire of received wisdom, forbidden wisdom, and questionable wisdom; techniques (both meta- and otherwise); lies, damn lies, and associated ephemera. It was written by an eclectic mix of wonderful people from across the globe and

edited by

Martine Svanevik, Linn Carin Andreassen, Simon Brind, Elin Nilsen, and Grethe Sofie Bulterud Strand.

You can download and read the rest of the book over at the Nordic Larp Wiki:

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