PanoptiCorp 2013

PanoptiCorp 2013

PanoptiCorp 2013: A satirical larp about an advertising agency is a larp organised by Rollespilsakademiet in Denmark in June. They summarise the larp with these words:

PanoptiCorp is meant to be a satirical reflection of the early 21st century, seen through the eyes of a trendier-than-thou transnational advertising/PR corporation. Central concepts for the larp are: generation Y culture and pop culture, the new workplace, mechanisms of power and controll in “network” organisations, the ethics (or lack of such) of creativity, and – obviously – that tired old dog called “capitalism”.

Location: Huset-KBH (Rådhusstræde 13, 1466 Kbh K, Denmark)
Time: June 14, 12:00 – June 16, 14:00 (50 hours)
Age Limit: 18 (due to alcohol being part of the larp)
​Players: 40​
Language: English

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