Yxengaard – A Permanent Larp Area in Denmark

Yxengaard – A Permanent Larp Area in Denmark

Tipster Troels Barkholt-Spangsbo sent us this interesting piece of news:

A danish organisation is very close to being able to build a permanent area for live action roleplaying. The just need the last bit of funding to get the entire project rolling. One of the ways they hope to get the last few hundred thousand danish crowns is by being supported by the danish ‘board of nature’ under the department of environments. They are currently part of a competition, and could really use your help – so please follow the link and ‘like’ the project! It’s what part of the danish community has been wishing for the last 20 years – please help the wish come true!

The “Synes godt om” link means “like”, so click it if you wish to support the project!

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