Fantasy Larp in Serbia

Fantasy Larp in Serbia

We’ve received a tip about a fantasy larp in Serbia in May this year. The organisers sent us this information:

It is biggest larp event we have in Serbia. It is placed in Serbia/Vladimirovac. Vladimirovac is north-east of capitol city Belgrade. Place is big and have GREAT capacity. We have Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian and soon Turkey larpers. Every year number of larpers is growing and this year there is 400 persons that wants to come. Everything is free, and all you need to bring it is your own shelter, tents and food. You do not need to pay for participation. Every year we have more new larpers so we set simple rules. There is only three class to choose. Priest, Mage and Warrior but you can choose any race and outfit. You must have safe weapons

Read more on the larps Facebook event:

Check out the website of the organisers, United Southeastern Europe Larpers:

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