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Jesper Bruun

Jesper Bruun has organised a handful of Nordic larps, for example, the horror larp Zombie - Night of Terror (2002) and the tango lap In Fair Verona (2012). He was main responsible for "A Week in Denmark”, a series of events held in conjunction with Knudepunkt 2003 and 2007. Also, he was editor in chief for the Danish larp magazine Rollespilleren (The Role-player), from 2004-2007. Jesper holds a PhD in Physics Education Research and is currently employed as a tenure tracked assistant professor at The University of Copenhagen. His primary areas of interest as a researcher are (1) physics teaching, learning, and assessment activities, courses, and environments, (2) science teachers as researchers, and (3) network analysis and statistical learning as a methodological tools in educational research. Jesper currently leads the creation of and concurrent research on a narrative-based blended learning game for teaching high-school physics in Denmark. He is also involved in teacher development courses in West, Central, and East Africa.