Recipe for a Magical Larp Experience

Recipe for a Magical Larp Experience

One handful of larpers
Two spoons of diversity (feel free to add as much as you want, it will only make the result that much more exciting)
Three pinches of dialogue
Four shots of open minds
Five cups of awareness

Five splashes of understanding
Four drops of respect
Three sprinkles of tolerance
Two dashes of love
One sprig of community

Mix all the ingredients in a venue of your choice. You can add them in any order you would like; one at a time or all at once. When all the ingredients have been thoroughly mixed; let it set for a while and have a cup of coffee (or whisky if you like). Enjoy your magical larp experience and remember to share with your co-players. The recipe can be scaled up or down as need be.

Cover photo: Image by Borkia on Pixabay. Photo has been cropped.

This article is published in the companion book Book of Magic: Vibrant Fragments of Larp Practices and is published here with permission. Please cite this text as:

Hegre, Torun. “Recipe for a Magical Larp Experience.” In Book of Magic: Vibrant Fragments of Larp Practices, edited by Kari Kvittingen Djukastein, Marcus Irgens, Nadja Lipsyc, and Lars Kristian Løveng Sunde. Oslo, Norway: Knutepunkt, 2021.

[1] No privilege needed in this recipe.

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Torun Hegre is a Norwegian larper. She has organized some larps and larp related events, but mainly she has participated in the world of larp as a player since 2010. When she is not larping, she works as a student advisor at a university.