Larp Safety Manifesto

Larp Safety Manifesto

This manifesto was made at Knudepunkt 2019.

It can be used as both a check-list for organizers to remember which important issues to consider in relation to emotional safety – additionally, you can use this manifesto as an organizer to communicate your approach to your players and participants.

I/we declare that when organizing a larp or larp-conference I/we have considered how we approach and/or resolve the following issues:

1. Definition of Safety

We are going to define what we mean by “emotional safety” – and we will communicate this clearly to our players.

Background: Often different cultures have different words and understandings of safety work.

2. Inclusivity

We promise to have a discussion about how we make everyone feel included in our larp.

Background: We want to be an inclusive community which acknowledges diversity.

3. Communication

We want to communicate in a clear, open and compassionate way.

Background: We have discussed how to deal with critique and misunderstandings both on social media and face to face.

4. Priority

We promise to have a discussion about how we approach the balance between immersion and need for safety.

Background: Safety work can be down-prioritized or difficult to find time for.

5. Hard Choices

We promise that we have made a procedure for dealing with difficult situations and exclusions (both before and during the larp) – and to follow this plan regardless of who is involved in the situation. This procedure will be clearly communicated before the larp.

Background: It can be difficult to deal with bad situations, especially if friends are involved.

6. Responsibility for Players

We promise to have a discussion about how to empower players to set and communicate boundaries.

Background: It can be difficult to use safety mechanisms if we do not have a culture for doing so. We want to encourage self-care.

7. Organizer Care

We promise to have a discussion about how we take care of our organizers, employees and volunteers.

Background: It can be difficult to be an organizer in a high-demanding larp community and still focus on putting your own selfcare as a high priority.

8. Failure

We promise to assume the best in other people and expect to be treated likewise in return.

Background: We all fail. This is a process.

This is a self-certification manifesto and a work in progress. This is the first version and it will be discussed, improved and updated in this Facebook-group:

Emotional safety in larp – sharing is caring!

If you want to refer to and use this manifesto please just copy  and use it. You can refer to it by using the name “Emotional Safety Manifesto” and this website:

On this webpage we try to collect as many tools for emotional safety work as possible and also collect previous work being done.

Cover photo used with permission by the owner. Photo: Anders Berner.

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