Knudepunkt 2019: Summary

Knudepunkt 2019: Summary

The Danish edition of the Nordic larp conference Knutepunkt, Knudepunkt 2019, is now over. This post will be continuously updated with links to articles, reports, photo albums, videos, slides, books and other relevant documentation.

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Handling the Knudeblues

While not specifically written for Knudepunkt 2019, Elin Nilsen’s guide to handling the post Knutepunkt blues is quite relevant for participants:
A Beginner’s Guide to Handling the Knudeblues: An Inside Perspective

The Nordic Larp Community on Facebook

Want to talk to other Knudepunkt goers about your experience there, or just other Nordic larp related topics? Join the Nordic Larp Community group on Facebook.

The Knudepunkt 2019 Book

For the conference a book named Larp Design: Creating Role-play Experiences was published. It was edited by Johanna Koljonen, Jaakko Stenros, Anne Serup Grove, Aina D. Skjønsfjell and Elin Nilsen.

Social Media




Collaborative Notes


Larp Safety Manifesto


The Problem with the Words Immersion and Fun – Francesco Rugerfred Sedda

Slides: The-problem-with-the-words-Immersion-and-Fun-Knudepunkt-2019.pdf (source, fetched 2019-02-12)


How Do We Create Larp Mechanics in Russia – Anna Volodina & Leonid Tsarev

Some ideas of Алексей Кулаков (Kulakov Aleksey) and Дмитрий Забиров (Dmitry Zabirov) were also used to prepare this presentation.

Complexity Rules Everything around Me – Eleanor Saitta

Creating Meaningful Environments – Carl Nordblom

Costume Patterns, Construction and Changes – Carl Nordblom

Uniforms for Larping – Mads Havshøj

Why Duct Tape Sucks – Mads Havshøj

Give Me That Sweet Drama: A Method for Relation Building – Liv Hernø-Toftild

Memetic Bleed: A Tool for Societal and Political Change – Kjell Hedgard Hugaas

Good Edu-larp Concept is Born – Lujza Kotryová

Conscience: Layers of Reality – Esperanza Montero

Plot and Character Design – Laura Kröger

Community Larp: Techniques, Purposes and Inclusivity – Alessandro Giovannucci

Emotional Safety Manifesto – Eva Mærsk, Linnéa Cecilia, Anders Berner and Klara Rotvig

First Timers Guide to Knudepunkt – Kristoffer Thurøe

KPTV 2019


Nordic Larp Talks Odense 2019

Not Good Enough: On Larp and Systemic Anxiety – Muriel Algayres

Slides and more information:

Designing Larp for Multicultural Participants – Qla Zetterberg

Slides and more information:

Ars Rego: A technique for physical magic and control – Maria and Jeppe Bergman Hamming

Slides and more information:

Intergenerational Storytelling – Sagalinn Tangen

Slides and more information:

Designing for the Somatic Imagination – Susan Ploetz

Slides and more information:

Lost in Love: From DJ to GM – Simon Brind

Slides and more information:

Fleshing the Skeleton: How to Empower Players to Make Characters Their Own, Without the Risk of ‘breaking the Larp’ – Mo Holkar

Slides and more information:

Two Tools to Structure a Larp – Kaisa Kangas

Slides and more information:

Costumes for Real Bodies – Anne Serup Grove

Slides and more information:

The Piss Room – Juhana Pettersson

Slides and more information:

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