Larp Design Cards

Larp Design Cards

Mikołaj Wicher has together with Agnieszka Kisiel (translation) and Marcin Słowikowski (graphic design) produced a set of cards to help with larp design. Here is how they introduce the cards themselves:

The Larp Design Cards are a tool for LARP game creation. The goal is to aid the designer in visualising various elements of the game and the connections between these elements. Inspired by The Art of Game Design. A Book of Lenses, the Cards are meant to assist teams of creators in preparing a game together. Other influences include “The Mixing Desk of Larp” and “The Elements of Larp Design” but, contrary to those, Larp Design Cards are a practical tool and not a descriptive system. The formula given here is the first version, and I encourage you to experiment with it.

You can download the cards here:

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