Knutepunkt 2017: Summary

Knutepunkt 2017: Summary

The Norwegian edition of the Nordic larp conference Knutepunkt, Knutepunkt 2017, is now over. This post will be continuously updated with links to articles, reports, photo albums, videos, slides, books and other relevant documentation.

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While not specifically written for Knutepunkt 2017, Elin Nilsen’s guide to handling the post Knutepunkt blues is quite relevant for participants:

The Knutepunkt 2017 Book

The official journal for Knutepunkt 2017 is called Once Upon a Nordic Larp… Twenty Years of Playing Stories and was edited by Martine Svanevik, Linn Carin Andreassen, Simon Brind, Elin Nilsen, and Grethe Sofie Bulterud Strand. Video Reports

We made a series of interviews on site during the conference. All 14 of them can be found in this playlist.

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Jaakko Stenros – Keynote: Nordic Larp, NPCs, and the Future

Suus Mutsaers – Net(e)scape: Playing Hackers in an Escape Room

Slides are available on the linked page.

Lizzie Stark & Tor Kjetil Edland – The Player Organizer Contract

Markus Montola – A Cookbook Approach to Quantitative Larp Evaluation

Here you can download my cookbook slides, and an example excel sheet showing how to crunch those numbers. On the first page of the excel sheet there’s also a link to my living storage of survey items used so far.

Markus Montola

Sarah Lynne Bowman, Maury Brown & Johanna Koljonen – Safety & Calibration Tools in Larps

Nina Runa Essendrop – Retrospect

Nina Runa Essendrop – Physical, intuitive workshop design

Magnar Grønvik Müller – Larp as Part of a Learning Process

Magnar Grønvik Müller – Why edu-larp?


Casper Skyum Høgh

Anna Volodina

Dmitry Samus

Blog Posts

Kelsey Desrosiers – An American at Knutepunkt

Mo Holkar – Knutepunkt 2017

Jonaya Kemper – An American Buccaneer in Scandinavia: Knutepunkt 2017


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