at Knutepunkt 2017 at Knutepunkt 2017

Knutepunkt 2017 starts tomorrow with the opening ceremony at 17:00 CET. We will be on location to report. We’ll also try gather all material and links to other reports from the event we can find.

Knutepunkt 2017

Knutepunkt is a conference about larp that rotates between the Nordic countries. It gathers people from around the world who want to share knowledge and experiences about larp. The program consists of a wide variety of content. There are talks, panels, workshops, larps, parties, performances and other types of activities.

This years conference is held in Norway, where the first Knutepunkt was held in 1997.


Because most of our crew is at Knutepunkt we won’t be able to publish or edit content for the next couple of days. We will answer questions as fast as we can, as usual. We’ll especially try to keep an eye on our Facebook page and we might publish some exclusive content there.


We’re bringing our video equipment to Knutepunkt and we hope to do some video reporting for our YouTube channel. We have some ideas about what to report on, but we’d love your input. Please tell us who you want us to interview and what to ask them!

Material and Links

If you have material relating to your program items at Knutepunkt we’d love to publish it here on the website. If you write something about the event we’d also love to link to it.

After Knutepunkt 2017 is over we will gather all reports, material and links in a round-up post.

We of course also welcome reports and articles inspired by things happening at Knutepunkt. We have a handy guide here if you want to write for us.

See You at Knutepunkt 2017!

We’ll be there, and we hope you’ll come up to say hi if you are too.

PS. If you want to know more about Knutepunkt 2017, check out their website:

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