Video Equipment

Video Equipment has a collection of tools for video and photography documentation of larp that we gladly will lend free of charge to anyone who can accept the following criteria:

  • A time of return must be agreed on before the items are picked up.
  • The equipment must be picked up and returned to it’s storage location in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • The borrowed equipment must be returned in the same condition it was loaned out in. Any broken equipment must be replaced or fixed.
  • The equipment must be used for documentation or promotion of larp.
  • must be allowed to publish the material produced. We have a Youtube channel and templates for graphics if you want to publish it as a video report or such in our name.
  • We encourage you to produce your material in English or if not possible, to publish it with subtitles.
  • If your production is for profit we’ll negotiate a reasonable donation to larp fund in exchange.

The equipment will also be brought to some larp events where has a presence. We will use them to make reports there but you are welcome to borrow the gear if you want to help out with reporting, we’ll gladly show you how the equipment works.


The equipment is a mixed bag of gear ranging from smartphone trinkets to studio backdrops. The idea is that you can pick what works for your needs at the time. Pretty much everything is included except cameras. Just add your smartphone and/or digital camera and you’re good to go!


Action Camera

We have a GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition with a variety of mounts and accessories. It’s useful for action shots and discreet filming.

Smartphone Gimbal

We have a Zhiyun Z1-Smooth-C+ smartphone gimbal. This accepts any smartphone up to 6 inches and let’s you film handheld very smoothly. Great for filming on the go.

Video Recorder

The Atomos Ninja 2  will accept any video signal over HDMI. It lets you record video at a much higher quality than most cameras by using the Apple ProRes 422 HQ video codec. As an added bonus that format is also much faster to work with in editing software. In layman’s terms it will let you record video in very high quality and in long continuous takes.

We have enough disks for a bit over 7 hours of high quality video with 5 hours as the longest continuous take. At the low quality setting we can get around 11 hours with a 7 and a half hour long continuous take. The low quality setting is still on par with or better than what you get when recording on a DSLR as is.

Our Ninja 2 is equipped with:

  • A HDMI to HDMI Mini cable. Suitable for most modern DSLR cameras.
  • One 240 GB SSD disc. This can record 2h 20m of full HD video at 30 fps in at high quality and 3h 30m at low quality.
  • One 500 GB SSD disc. This can record 5h of full HD video at 30 fps in at high quality and 7h 40m at low quality.
  • A dock for the discs with USB2 and USB3 connections.
  • A swivel head hot shoe mount.
  • Battery and charger.
  • An adapter to power the unit from a regular outlet.


Small Tripod

The Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod is perfect for compact cameras, smartphones and small DSLR cameras. It’s lightweight and compact and has a head meant for video.

Medium Tripod

Velbon CX-686 is a tripod perfect for shooting video with a DSLR or other medium sized camera. It’s strong enough to carry a bit of weight, yet still pretty agile to use. The head allows for fluid pans.

Large Tripod

WeiFeng WF-717 is a heavy duty video tripod that can take 6 kg of load. It has a fluid pan head and is adjustable from 83cm to 189cm.

Table Tripods

We have two table height tripods for smaller cameras, one with bendable legs.

Smartphone Adapters

We have two smartphone holders for mounting on tripods.

Camera Shoulder Kit

Tarion Camrig 04 is a camera shoulder mount meant to get steadier shots when walking around.

Camera Cage

The Hague CFSLR Camera Cage  can hold one camera and two hot shoe accessories like lights or microphones. It can either be mounted on a tripod or used to film freehand with more stability than just holding the camera.

Camera Slider

We have a 1 meter Hague CSLID Camera Slider with ball-head camera mount. The slider can be mounted on regular light stands that we also have available. It’s perfect for b-roll and environment shots.


Audio Recorder

Our Zoom H1 can be used to record high quality audio. Either using the built in stereo microphone or through it’s 3.5mm line in. It can be used with all our microphones.

The recorder comes with a memory card, carry case, wind shield, microphone stand mount and table mount.

Handheld Microphone

For interviews even more on the move we have a Røde Reporter microphone. It comes with a battery powered pre-amp that can either connect straight into a smartphone or computer. With an adapter we provide it can be used directly with the Ninja 2, Zoom H1, DSLR camera or any device with a regular 3.5mm line in.

Boom Microphone

We also have a Røde VideoMic Pro that can be mounted on a standard hot shoe like on a DSLR.

Lavalier/Lapel Microphones

We have a couple of Boya BY-M1 lapel microphones that can be used either directly in a smartphone or camera. They are light weight, battery powered and have a long cord. Great for sit down interviews.


Video Lights

We have four Neewer CN-160 battery powered LED lights with stands, filters, soft-boxes, large batteries and a chargers. The lights can be mounted on the provided stands or just a regular camera hot shoe.

These are simple LED based video lights. They give enough light for photographing objects or a single person with ease. The lights have a dimmer and come with a color filter for warmer color. They run on either 6 AA batteries, Sony NP-series batteries or Panasonic CGR-D16S type batteries. We have one 6600mAh NP-F970 clone battery for each light.


To round the lighting off we have a 42 inch 5 in one reflector and diffuser.


White Balance Cards

A simple card to get the colors right when filming.


We also have a set of 1.6m wide backdrops in white, black and green with a stand to hold them.


There are a couple of spare stands, sandbags, clamps, cable holders and mounts packed with other items.


How Do I Get the Stuff?

Contact us to discuss the matter. That’s easiest done with an email to or via our Facebook page.

The Future

We hope to be able to put together some test footage using the equipment as well as guides not only for the hardware but for planning, scripting, editing and other parts of the videography process.

We welcome suggestions for both guides and more items to add to our equipment library.

Note that none of the Patreon or other donations has gone to this, it’s all been funded out of pocket by the website staff. We’re using the money you graciously donate to us for what we’ve promised, this is a pet project of ours.