PanoptiCorp 2013 Mini Documentary

PanoptiCorp 2013 Mini Documentary

UK based video production company Cosmic Joke has produced a mini documentary about the Danish 2013 re-run of the Norwegian 2003 larp PanoptiCorp.

Here is what they had to say about the video:

PanoptiCorp is originally a Nordic larp from 2003, which was re-imagined in 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s a satirical larp about an advertising agency, where players take on the roles of agency employees, pitching ideas to everything from an African dictator wanting an image makeover to an earnest businessman who wants to sell adult diapers. This documentary was produced by Cosmic Joke, as part of their feature length LARP documentary, Treasure Trapped.

For more info on the 2013 run of PanoptiCorp, see the event website:

You can also read this summary of the larp by Petter Karlsson which includes comments by the organizers:
Welcome to PanoptiCorp – A satirical ad-agency larp

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