The Larp Factory Book Pre-Order

The Larp Factory Book Pre-Order

You can now pre-order The larp Factory Book through their IndieGoGo campaign. This is how they present the project themselves:

The Larpfactory Book Project will be a collection of 23 Norwegian ready-to-play larpscripts, written in English, and a website containing game materials and videos showing all methods and techniques mentioned in the book. The larps have all been run in The Larp Factory in Oslo and/or Trondheim – loosely organized networks that have been putting up low threshold stand-alone larps regularly for the last four years, and inspired larpers in other European cities to do the same. The book contains everything from relationship dramas, time travel dramas, existential dramas, teenage angst, murder mysteries to straight out comedies.

One really cool thing is that they’re giving you the option to buy one copy and give one copy away to a larper in a country where the price is too steep for most people.

Read more and order the book here:

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