Knutepunkt 2013 Book Preview

Knutepunkt 2013 Book Preview

This years Knutepunkt book is available in a preview format without final layout. The production team has this to say on the matter:

Finally! The texts from the four anthologies that together constitute this year’s Knutepunkt book project are now available through They have been edited by Karete J. Meland and Katrine Ø. Svela, and are published by Fantasiforbundet.

The published file is a layoutless version of the final books. All the texts can now be read and explored, enabling you to prepare questions and input for our contributors, before Knutepunkt hits us all. On April 17th, the same day as Nordic Larp Talks and the official book launch, the complete and final version of the books will be made available as well. They are filled with small surprises and editorial choices that we hope will please all of you. The graphic design is by Katrine Ø. Svela, and the beautiful illustrations are made by Rebecca Egebjerg.

The books hold papers on visions, reflections, design choices and experiences. With contributions from large parts of Europe, the US and even Brazil, all we can do is watch, share and enjoy how larp is crossing borders. We hope that the texts included this year will help us move even further, and that you will continue to keep the ball rolling.

We are looking forward to hear your comments and reactions, and to meet a lot of you in just a few days.

Read the book preview here:

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