Knutepunkt 2013: Call for Poems

Knutepunkt 2013: Call for Poems

Knutepunkt 2013 is the next instance of the annual pan-nordic conference on nordic style larp called Knutepunkt. Their editorial team is looking for poems for this years edition of the Knutepunkt book:

The editorial team is working with including different expressions of how larping can leave lasting impacts on individuals, and we are, therefore, encouraging you to send us your poems.

We are looking for poems in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish or English – and we are not going to translate or retell them in another language. We hope to get poems about larps and larping, poems that deal with feelings or topics that might’ve touched you during or after a larp, poems written as a part of a debriefing process, or poems written in, or to, a character – or something completely different. If this turns out to be a fruitful idea, and we get enough suitable submissions, we will include the poems in the Knutebook.

If this sounds interesting, please contact us at
We’re looking forward to reading your artistic escapades!


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