The Price of the Bride (Brudpris)

The Price of the Bride (Brudpris)

The Price of the Bride is nordic style larp organized in Sweden 9-12 May:


Brudpris is a larp in Swedish that focuses on honor culture and patriarchal structures in a world inspired by swedish 19th century village life. The people of Mo believe that women possess a dangerous but necessary force – the force of life. But for the force to be life giving and not destructive for the Mo, it must be quelled and contained. As a man that is your purpose in life, to control that force, and to give a holy promise to do so by taking responsibility for a woman. To fail is to not have any honor and putting your whole people in danger.

With Brudpris we want to explore a fictive honor system that feels real. We are looking for tight, close culture oriented play. The game will be in Swedish, but we welcome Swedish speaking participants from other contries as well.

9 – 12 may

900 SEK full price / 600 SEK students/unemployed

Moriaberg, Stockholm, Sweden

Website (in Swedish):

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