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Nordic Larp Wiki collects information about Nordic-style larp games and their design tools. The tools presented have been play-tested in games or presented in published articles.

Next Stop: Kymlinge being played at Grenselandet 2013.

What is Nordic Larp?

Nordic-style larp, or Nordic Larp, is a term used to describe a tradition of larp game design that emerged in the Nordic countries. Some aims and ideals typical for this unique gaming scene include immersion, collaboration and artistic vision.

You can read more on the Nordic Larp page.

Starting Places

Here are some suggested starting places for browsing this wiki:

  • Larps - Nordic-style larps or larps using design tools covered by this wiki.
  • Meeting places - Other places where people meet to discuss and develop Nordic larp game design.
  • Techniques - Techniques and tools used before, during or after larp games.
  • Documentation - Books, films and other publications about Nordic-style larp.
  • Concepts - Concepts used to talk about Nordic-style larp.
  • Projects - Other projects not covered by the above categories.
  • Organizations - Non-profits, groups, companies, larpwright collectives, NGO's and others.
  • People - Persons of interest in the Nordic Larp conversation.
  • Event Calendars - Upcoming Larps and events maintained by third parties.
  • All content


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