Your pulse is racing. Your hands are shaking. This is your last chance:


The most glamorous entertainment show in the world.

For some it’s a new beginning. For some it’s the end.

Image of a black hallway with shapes on the wall leading to a glowing door

Image of bags hanging with numbers on them like #00100

Make yourself at home. Just be yourself! We, Falcon Eye, will be watching every step you take.

Image of a mannequin with flowers wrapped around it

Image of a device

Image of people playing games at a party

That was exciting! That was moving! That was magical! Those are real emotions!

Image of a computer with the word Healing and several options

Once more it is time for the part of the show we all adore the most: the scoring round! We love scores. You and I, all of us – we live for the scores! 

Image of people staring at a large screen surrounded by blue lasers

Image of empty beds on the ground

Rags to rags? Not in The Nation. Let’s have some fun fun fun and get you back in shape.

Image of a person laying on the ground surrounded by glitter


Image of a person in a tie

We have seen you give your all.  But you can do better, sm_741.

Your scores are consistent. …consistently worse. That’s -30 points in resilience. And -40 in sociability and responsibility. Not long and you will end up in the Farewell.

The Larp

A bunker in an undefined future called Healing Facility-A13 is the place-to-be / last resort for beings who fell out of the middle of society by having a too low LIS-Score (Social Score). As longtime clients in a game show called Healing destiny now is in their own hands, again. Can they impress the “The Tribunal” (online players playing in a specially designed 2D world interconnected with audio and video in real time with the bunker) to lift their LIS-Score and go back in the heart of “The Nation” (society) or do they finally have to go to “Farewell”…

Image of person in flower crown in pink light


Summer 2021. An international team of role-players, performers, scenographers, activists, hackers, and creative coders tries to create a larp about a technocratic fascist world inside a bunker. Outside a not-so-fictional but appallingly similar world is waiting: Schweinfurt in Bavaria, Germany. The city is flooded with bored cops and their civil minions. So the team from the network denialofservice.fail holes up even deeper to the bunker to create a unique hybrid game.

Healing was played online and offline at the same time. Beings from all over the world played online with beings located in a World War II era bunker in Germany. The larp was played six times, open to the public, took 10 hours of your time and was designed for beings without any larp experience, with accessibility in mind and ran solely on open source software.

Photo of a plain building with no windows

More Information

Check out denialofservice.fail or visit healing.dos.fail on the net to get more information about what happened to the clients in Healing Facility A13.

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All photos © Simon Salem Müller VG Bild-Kunst Bonn denialofservice.fail

Cover photo: All photos by Simon Salem Müller VG Bild-Kunst Bonn / denialofservice.fail. Cover photo has been cropped.

This article is published in the Knutpunkt 2022 magazine Distance of Touch and is published here with permission. Please cite this text as:

Neite, Wanja. 2022. “Healing.” In Distance of Touch: The Knutpunkt 2022 Magazine, edited by Juhana Pettersson, 124-128. Knutpunkt 2022 and Pohjoismaisen roolipelaamisen seura.

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Wanja Neite is a larp designer, intermedial artist and dedicated shape shifter. Producing larps, participative installations and immersive performances over many years, Wanja has worked on bringing the different playforms together and on creating hybrid games for diverse audiences. They collaborate with several groups, e.g. ‚dos.fail‘, ‚Siebensprung‘ or ‚SV Szlachta‘.