Knutpunkt 2018 Companion – Call for Content

Knutpunkt 2018 Companion – Call for Content

Knutpunkt 2018 goes online!

The companion publication for the Knutpunkt 2018 international larp conference wants your contribution! We are now accepting submissions for all kinds of digital content. In this announcement you can find details on what kinds of content we are looking for, what the themes are for the 2018 companion, and how to learn more about contributing to the Companion publication.


The Companion will first and foremost be a digital publication, including all kinds of media. We have no limits on what kind of content we accept, as long as it’s technically possible to be published online. A text, a video, a podcast, a computer game, a piece of music…? Send us your suggestions! We cannot promise to publish all submitted content, but we will consider everything.

Content will be published on, on a weekly basis over the months leading up to Knutpunkt 2018. The idea is to let the community digest and discuss the companion content even before Knutpunkt. We hope this can inspire the conference participants, as well as create interesting conversations and exchanges in other spaces before, during and after the conference.

There will also be a print on demand book available with a selection of articles. We aim to have this ready so that it can be ordered around the time that content is beginning to come out online. Only magazine style texts will be considered for the printed book, you can read more about this format further down.


The theme of the Knutpunkt 2018 conference is “Shuffling the Deck”. We have chosen to interpret that as highlighting the diverse nature of larp, wanting to showcase a multitude of themes in a variety of formats. We especially want to lift the scenes that have been less visible in previous Knutpunkt publications.

The publication will have five main themes, roughly mirroring the five tracks of the conference. We encourage you to use them as starting points for your contributions and be as creative as possible!

♠️ Spades

Larp analysis, discussion and reflection.

♦️ Diamonds

Larp design tools, tips and tricks.

♣️ Clubs

The practicalities of organizing larp.

♥️ Hearts

Participant stories and designers’ post-mortems.

🃏 Joker

Discussion and reflections on issues within and opportunities for the (Nordic) larp community.


To contribute to the publication, please read the full Call for Content on the Knutpunkt 2018 website.

The Team

The Companion is a collaboration between the editorial staff of and the Knutpunkt 2018 organizers.

Editors in Chief

Johannes Axner is the founder and Editor in Chief of, an online magazine and knowledge portal about larp.

Annika Waern is a professor in the field of Human–computer interaction at the department of Informatics and Media at Uppsala University, Sweden. She is an established and seasoned researcher and author on the topic of games in general and larp specifically.

Editing Team

Besides the main editors, the talented editors of will help edit the content.


Any questions, ideas or feedback can be sent by email to:

You can read more about the Knutpunkt 2018 conference and the Companion publication on the Knutpunkt 2018 website:

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Johannes Axner is a Swede who loves to play and design larps, build community and blow things up. Creator and Editor in Chief of
Annika Waern is a game and play design scholar, and professor in Human-Computer Interaction at Uppsala University. She has both professional and volunteer experience from designing and staging larp and pervasive games, and has written about larp both in and out of academia. She was a co-designer of the pervasive experiences Interference and Codename Heroes and the larp Cabaret, and has designed several shorter scenarios.