The Book of Polish Larp

The Book of Polish Larp

A new Polish book about larp is out, this is what the authors has to say about it:

From the intense 5-players chamber larp to the post-apocalyptic week-long larp festival for almost 600 people. Polish larp scene is diverse and is rapidly evolving. In the first documentation book about polish larp scene you will have a look at 64 larps portrayed at 176 pages. Have a look beyond the blockbuster castle larps and discover variety of experiences created by Polish larp scene.

The Book of Polish Larp by more than 40 authors who in the short texts describe the games they created. Brought together by Mikołaj Wicher, one of the creators of College of Wizardry, published by Rollespilsakademiet.

The book is a glimpse of a certain period in Polish larp history. It does not strive to be not objective, or complete for that matter. However, it is a wonderful image of the Polish larp milieu.

You can download it for free here:

Or you can buy it here:!online-store/du96d/!/The-Book-of-Polish-Larp-Księga-Larpów-Polskich/p/61862221/category=17906634

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