A Tsunami of Testimonies

A Tsunami of Testimonies

Kristin Nilsdotter Isaksson has written an article, translated from Swedish by Charlie Charlotta Haldén, on the ongoing discussions about sexual assault within the Swedish larp community.

On June 17, 2014, a new Facebook group was created for Swedish-speaking larpers who identify wholly or partially as women. The idea was to create a sanctuary for discussions about different aspects of being a female larper. Small questions, big questions, and questions of vital importance.

Lately, a darker subject has crept into the discussion threads, and during the past few weeks, a tsunami of voices has swept over us. Post after post, comment after comment, telling stories of painful experiences. We’re talking about sexual assault. At larps, or in larping circles. Over a thousand posts detailing experiences, sharing thoughts, discussing preventive measures, and not least, holding out hands in support.

”It’s so important that we talk about our experiences. About how common this is, and that it’s not OK. About our right to say no, and that it’s never, ever, acceptable for someone not to listen. Everybody knows a victim, but nobody knows a perpetrator, and it’s time to take a stand now.” (anonymous)

You can read the complete article over at Spelkult:

The article got a lot of attention in the swedsh LARP-society and also outside, with a interview in Swedish radio. There is a lot of discussions going on and preventive arrangements from organizers and fellow larpers to immediate stop this kind of acts.

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