All the Mistakes I’ve Done Episode IV

All the Mistakes I’ve Done Episode IV

A classic program item at Knutepunkt is the “All the mistakes I’ve done” session. At Knutpunkt 2014 we once more got larp designer and producers to tell some of their dark secrets.

Sharing mistakes this round was Juhana Pettersson, Anna-Karin Linder, Troels Barkholt-Spangsbo & Hanne Grasmo.

The session was hosted by Rasmus Høgdall.

Once again four wonderful guest speakers will present, all the mistakes they have done in the name of making great or not so great larps. The premise is; that by sharing our mistakes we all learn a little bit, but most importantly we learn that failing is not the same as being a faliure, it’s part of doing, learning and bettering yourself.

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A Swedish larper, larp designer and producer. He is one of the owners of pedagogic larp production company LajvVerkstaden and he also produces the Nordic Larp Talks.