Spatial Design – Experiences

Spatial Design – Experiences

How can we create a spatial experience with which we design the player experience? Jonas Trier-Knudsen & Troels Barkholt-Spangsbo hosted this session at Knutpunkt 2014 where several organizer shared their best practices and experiences in short talks.

The video is unfortunately cut short in the end.

How do we change scenography from backdrop to active tool for shaping players’ experience? A series of talks explore Spatial Design as a tool for creating better games.

Firehose-talks on spatial design: Through a series of short talks, organizers will share examples and experiences from this fledgling field within larp design.

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A Swedish larper, larp designer and producer. He is one of the owners of pedagogic larp production company LajvVerkstaden and he also produces the Nordic Larp Talks.