Social Media in Larps

Social Media in Larps

The presentation and panel about social media in larps was filmed at Knutepunkt 2014. It was hosted by Petter Karlsson & Rasmus Høgdall and the panel included Eleanor Saitta, Stefan Deutsch, Johanna Macdonald, Magnar Grønvik Müller & Eirik Fatland.

Petter and Rasmus will walk the audience through the different social medias, talk about how they can be used and what limitations they have. A panel of guest speakers will talk about the pros and cons of using social media in larps ranging from player safety to controling online content.

Download slides: Social media in larps

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A Swedish larper, larp designer and producer. He is one of the owners of pedagogic larp production company LajvVerkstaden and he also produces the Nordic Larp Talks.