Voices from Knutpunkt

Voices from Knutpunkt

Voices from Knutpunkt is a crowd-sourced initiative to document and share the experience and the people  at the Nordic larp conference Knutpunkt 2014.

You are welcome to take part in the collaboration. If you want to discuss it, please join the facebook group.

At Knutpunkt there will also be a program item in the beginning of the conference, introducing the initiative.


#knutpunkt2014 – used for all posts in social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Photo policy
We encourage you to ask first before taking a photo of someone and follow the Knutpunkt photo policy.

We have put together a smörgåsbord with formats for sharing Knutpunkt. Pick and choose what you like or make up your own thing.



A post at your own blog with an interview, either as text, video or just a youtube video. Interview a participant, program host, volunteer or organizer. Examples of questions can be what the person has done during Knutpunkt, experiences, reflextions, something the person wants to share from their larp community, etc. Try to ask open questions that can not be answered with only a yes or no reply. If you want to publish text but don’t have your own blog we can help you out in the facebook group.


Program item summary

A blog post that summarizes a program item that you have attended. It could include media such as images and video. Try to use these topics as your main headlines.

  • Format – describe what you did.
  • Content – what was the program item about and what was the purpose?
  • Take away – what did you find most interesting and do you have any reflections after the program items.


Participant portrait

A photo of a participant posted on Instagram, Facebook or any other service. Ask three questions and write the answers in the description: name, country and why they visit Knutpunkt. Example: Petter, Sweden, is at Knutpunkt to meet new and old friends, and learn new stuff. #knutpunkt2014

A 15 second video with a participant statement on Instagram. Before you start the recording you have asked What is the best thing about Knutpunkt? In the description, write name and “best of Knutpunkt.” Example: [Video starts] “I love the creative atmosphere here!” Description: Petter’s best of #knutpunkt2014.


Experience report

A twitter post. This is your typical KP tweet, stating what’s up. Remember that tweets have a 140 sign limit. Example: Ending ceremony at #knutpunkt2014 in 10 min. Gahwd I will miss these people!

A photo illustrating an activity or an event, posted on Instagram, Facebook or any other service. Write a short or long description of the event and your experience. Example: [image of a panel] Discussion about collaboration between polish and German larp communities. Amazed by the dedication of the polish organizers. I want to get involved! #knutpunkt2014

Example: [image of people playing board games] At #knutpunkt2014, a Finnish and Danish stand off in Settlers of Catan. Just wait until the winner meets the norwegian champion!

A youtube video where you can combine elements such as statements by you or interviews of others, about a topic of interest. Examples of topics are program items, reflections about the community etc.


Your own format

Of course we welcome your creative efforts, so don’t feel limited to these suggestions.


If you have any questions about the initiative, feel free to ask them in the facebook group or directly to Petter Karlsson who is responsible for the project, at petter.karlsson@gmail.com

Introduction held at Knutpunkt 2014

Download slides: Voices of Knutpunkt
Updated with slides 2014-04-03
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A Swedish larper, larp designer and producer. He is one of the owners of pedagogic larp production company LajvVerkstaden and he also produces the Nordic Larp Talks.