Change is Coming

Change is Coming

We are rebooting as an online magazine. Instead of only linking to other websites we will produce original content as well as republishing interesting and important texts from the past or other sources. The wiki will remain in its current form, although we are looking into reducing the threshold to start contributing.

We are now looking for a few things.

  • Writers. We need your content, new or old, as long as it’s interesting and relevant.
  • Editors. People who can get others to write and/or edit others texts. This means reading them and giving feedback.
  • Reporters. We want reports from larps, conferences, conventions and other larp events. Text, video, photos, illustrations, podcasts. All welcome.
  • Translators. Help get texts in your local language a global readership!

We will be a group of chief editors, one from each Nordic country. Besides this and the staff mentioned above, we would love to have at least one official national correspondent in each country where there is larp.

This is of course all done non-profit, but you do get the chance to shape the website and get a photo byline.

We need content and staff from all the Nordic countries and the rest of the world where Nordic style larp is happening.

We hope to launch before Knutpunkt 2014 and are especially interested in people who can help do reports from A Week in Gothenburg and Knutpunkt!

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Johannes Axner is a Swede who loves to play and design larps, build community and blow things up. Creator and Editor in Chief of