Book Review: Larps from the Factory

Book Review: Larps from the Factory

Danish larper and larp designer Oliver Nøglebæk has written a review of the larp script collection book Larps from the Factory.

Here is an excerpt from the review:

I know how much work the creators put into making this book and it shows. It is well written and consistent, which is extra impressive considering the huge number of people who actually wrote the larps in the book. It is also lovely to see a book that both celebrates a strong tradition of larpwriting and provides new opportunities to rerun the games or take them apart for use in new projects. It is definitely at in the top of my list of “most useful books on larp.” And together with the Nordic Larp book for the pretty pictures of big larps, I think we’re very well covered when it comes to approachable reading material to introduce the scope of norp to outsiders.

Read the complete review on his blog:

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