Living Games Conference 2014

Living Games Conference 2014

The Living Games Conference is the first academic conference on larp in the US. The program and academic committees is a veritable who’s who of Nordic and US larp academia. It looks to be a very qualitative and interesting conference.

This is what the organizer have to say about the event:

The Living Games Conference is a live-action roleplaying games conference held at New York University. It will serve as a place where scholars, game designers, and community leaders from across the country and across the world can come together to talk about LARP. Sponsored by the NYU Game Center, the conference will offer panels and discussions by leading innovators in live action games, as well as provide a place for designers to present their work at a games showcase.

They are looking for content, so please check out how you can contribute on their participation page. They are also looking for photo documentation from all kind of larps, send them and attribution information to:

Read more at their website:

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