Europa Brinner!

Europa Brinner!

Europa brinner! (Europe burns!) is a larp campaign that takes place in Sweden before and during World War II, with espionage, betrayal and treason as main elements. The larps will be as realistic as possible, with some elements of fiction.

The first installment is called 1938 – Pyrande glöd (Smoldering Glow)

The Organizers are:

Emma Feldmanis – Main organizer and campaign writer
Marie Schöld – Intrigue organizer
Svend Lindblom – Intrigue and security organizer.
Europe burns is produced in collaboration with SIT (Svedala Interactive Theatre and Role Association)

Where: The larps is held in the amazing 1800s Director villa in Brunnsparken, Ronneby and it continues for one evening.
When: April 20, 2013.
Cost: 150 SEK (approximately 18 Euro or 24 USD).
Language: The game will be played in Swedish.

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