Lindängens Riksinternat

Lindängens Riksinternat

Lindängens Riksinternat (State boarding school of Lindängen) is a Swedish larp set at a boarding school. The inspiration for the larp comes partly from the book Ondskan by Jan Guillou, of which also has been made film, and partly from the intensely hierarchical bullying structures that have been reported in Swedish media to figure at these boarding schools.

The organisers has this to say about the larp:

We strive to make a larp based on this hazing and its structures, on the friendship one can still find in such a situation, and how easily good people can find themselves being part of and reinforcing an oppressive system.

Before the larp, we will run a weekend with mandatory workshops, where we create characters, groups, classroom hierarchies and other relations.

Content of the larp:

  • Bullying and victimisation
  • Lessons and school life
  • Unspoken rules with inconsistent punishment
  • Larping 24 hours per day
  • Emotional play with noticeable consequences
  • Role- and relationship-building in workshops

Where: Olsängsgåden, Blekinge, south of Sweden
When: October 16-20, 2013
Cost: Not finalised, but less than 1000 SEK (120 Euro or 160 USD)
Language: The larp will be played in Swedish

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