Larpwriter Summer School 2013

Larpwriter Summer School 2013

Last year Norwegian non-profit organisation Fantasiforbundet and Belarusian Public Union Education Center “POST” hosted the Larp Writer Summer School near Vilnius in Lithuania. They have just announced that they will reprise it again 2013.

It’s a week long course in writing and organising larps with some of the world top minds in the field there to teach the participants. Last years attendees where both newcomers and old timers in the Nordic larp community and the course was very appreciated and highly praised.

This is what Fantasiforbundet has to say about this years school:

The summer school will take place close to Vilnius, Lithuania in july 2013, and we’re ready to once again provide one of the most comprehensive larp organizers seminars that the larp scene has to offer. If you want to learn how to make your own larps in a magical summer camp environment this summer, the Summer school is for you.

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