Knutepunkt 2013: Call for Program

Knutepunkt 2013: Call for Program

Knutepunkt 2013 is the next instance of the annual pan-nordic conference on nordic style larp called Knutepunkt. They are now asking the participants for program content:

This is a shout-out to each and every
one of you who consider contributing to the program of Knutepunkt
2013. Whether you are a newcomer or an old fart:

Tell us about people you want to see on
the program and bring us your ideas!

The KP vision 2013 – Theme: Crossing Borders
Knutepunkt 2013 will continue the tradition of Knutepunkt being the most important meeting place in Nordic larp. Larp is an expanding medium crossing borders between countries, subcultures , different media, genres and people.

We will in particular prioritize:

  • Expanding the visibility of larp
  • Being a fertile space for new ideas and joint projects between people of different national and subcultural backgrounds
  • A high quality program

Read the rest of the call for program at the Knutepunkt 2013 website:

Read more about Knutepunkt in the Nordic Larp Wiki:

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