Chamber Larp

Tallinn Larp Festival

Tallinn Larp Festival is happening again, this time on 27-29th of April 2018! Call for program in now open and can be found here: Sign-up is open: Tallinn Larp Festival invites you for the third time to participate…

Grenselandet 2018

Grenselandet is an annual festival for chamber larps in Oslo. Since 2010, Grenselandet has curated a programme of playtested larps from all over the world. All larps are run by one of more of their creators. The festival has four…
Visiting My Unreality

Visiting My Unreality

The Swedish weekly newspaper Arbetaren (The Worker) has written a piece about nordic style larp and the Grenselandet chamber larp festival. It’s only available in Swedish and you can read it here: