Privacy Policy

This website ( and wiki may collect some personal information about the users when they register to add content and participate in online discussions.

No personal information will ever be shared with any third party ever. We will only use it, when you wish so, to present who you are to other users. We don’t do any profiling, tracking or similar with your data. We only store user authentication data required by the website and wiki that you provide.

Our data is stored in a secure databases. In case of a breach websites will be locked down, security audited and users informed over email.

We might send important notices to your registered email, but no newsletters or business proposals. If you wish to not receive even those few updates, contact us and we’ll help you:

If you wish to have your information altered or removed, please contact us:

The website uses cookies to aid with technical stuff. This includes statistics like Google Analytics and the software serving the website. You can learn more about cookies here:

Comments on the website is handled by the third party service Disqus. Please contact them for any questions about what data they collect or how they use it.

We link to a lot of places all over the web and we of course don’t take any responsibility for what other websites do or say.

We link to and use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. They might try to invade your privacy in manners we aren’t aware of, but we’re not sending them any of your submitted personal information.

There might be banner ads on the page, but only to cover hosting costs and we won’t share any of your information to advertisers.

All in all, we’re not interested in violating your privacy or making any money off of you.

Please note that we are a non-profit hobby project and we have limited resources. We take your privacy very seriously, but if we for some reason fail in that regard we want to learn how we can be better. Please send any feedback or questions to: