Crossing Theoretical Borders

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Crossing Theoretical Borders
KP-2013 Crossing Theoretical Borders.png
Published2013 (Fantasiforbundet)

Crossing Physical Borders, published in 2013, edited by Katrine Øverlie Svela and Karete Jacobsen Meland is one of the four Knutepunkt-books of Knutepunkt 2013. Cover and illustrations are all made by Rebecca Egebjerg.

Crossing Theoretical Borders - Beauty or the Beast?


Knutepunkt is a meeting place, somewhere we can exchange ideas, thoughts and observations. It is a place where theory is crossing borders, and where experience blends with theory.

We want to facilitate the book being read and understood; that the theoretical contributions can be beneficial and not out of reach for any of us, especially not the first-timers at Knutepunkt. Therefore, we have borrowed some conceptual clarifications from, trying to make our community and its ideas more accessible. In the words of last year’s editor Juhana Pettersson (2012: 10): “Academic writing about role-playing games has its own venues, leaving us to take a more essayistic approach. I’d say the fight for credibility has been won, so we’re free to focus on what’s truly interesting”; we have also decided that we wanted our theoretical contributions to be shorter and more journalistic, and as catchy and appealing as possible.



The official Knutepunkt book series

For the conference, a compilation of four Knutepunkt-books was published as The official book series of Knutepunkt 2013. The other three were:

Video presentation

Presentation about the The official book series of Knutepunkt 2013 with the editors, interviewed by Johanna Koljonen at the Nordic Larp Talks 2013.

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