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Nordic Larp Talks or NLT is a series of short, entertaining, thought-provoking and mind-boggling lectures about projects and ideas from the Nordic tradition of live action roleplaying games. They've been held in close proximity of the Knutepunkt conferences since 2010.

Past Events

Nordic Larp Talks Stockholm 2010

Recorded April 17 at Café Klara, c/o Stockholms Stadsteater during A Week in Stockholm, in conjunction with Knutpunkt 2010

Title Speaker
Introduction to Nordic Larp Johanna Koljonen
Transmitting a political vision through larp Peter Munthe-Kaas
The Quest for the Perfect Manifestation of a Dream Martin Ericsson
Portraying Love and Trying New Genders Eliot Wieslander
Larp as Borderland Festivals Mathias Gullbrandson
High Resolution Larping Andie Nordgren
Critical Strategies of Larp Markus Montola & Jaakko Stenros

Nordic Larp Talks Copenhagen 2011

Recorded February 16 at Planeten, Huset i Magstræde during A Week in Copenhagen, in conjunction with Knudepunkt 2011

Title Speaker
On Games: Painting Life With Rules Johanna Koljonen
Playing With Personal Development Bjarke Pedersen
Fabricating Madness Peter Schønnemann Andreasen
Role-Playing as a Teaching Method Sanne Harder
Horror and Tragedy in Nordic Role-Playing Markus Montola
Not Another Story About Boy Meets Girl Tor Kjetil Edland
Can Playing Games Teach Us About War? Eirik Fatland
Documenting the Nordic Larp Scene Interview with Jaakko Stenros

Nordic Larp Talks Helsinki 2012

Recorded April 12 at the PRKL club during A Week in Helsinki, in conjunction with Solmukohta 2012

Title Speaker
How to become a god Mike Pohjola
From preforming arts to larp Johanna MacDonald
Larpification Claus Raasted
The interplay between player and man in the street JP Kaljonen
Getting A Haircut And A Real Job Interview with Mikko Rautalahti (Remedy) & Andie Nordgren (CCP Games)
[Experimental Larp Design Jesper Bruun
Playing in Graveyards: Terror collides with larp Lizzie Stark

Nordic Larp Talks Oslo 2013

Recorded April 17 at Litteraturshuset in Oslo during A Week in Norway, in conjunction with Knutepunkt 2013

Title Speaker
What does Nordic Larp mean? Jaakko Stenros
Welcome to Larp. Let’s Play Jana Pouchlá
Three Ways to Make Games More Inclusive Lars Nerback
The Mixing Desk of Larp Martin Eckhoff Andresen
No Training can Replace Experience, or Can it? Stefan Deutsch
Bleed: How Emotions Affect Role-Playing Experiences Sarah Lynne Bowman
How Can we Know what Actually Happened in a Larp Annika Waern

Nordic Larp Talks Gothenburg 2014

Recorded April 2 at Visual Arena Lindholmen in Gothenburg during A Week in Gothenburg, in conjunction with Knutpunkt 2014

Title Speaker
The Knutpunkt 2014 Books Eleanor Saitta
Freeform and Larp - Terminology and Strategies Anna Westerling
Identity Crafting: Keeping the Black Dog at Bay Nathan Hook
Bringing Larp to a Refugee Camp ... Without Really Knowing How Martin Nielsen
Ethical Content Management and the Freedom to Create Shoshana Kessock
Playing as Human or Robot Carl Heath
Political Larping - Strategies to Make a Larp Accessible to Non-larpers Siri Sandquist
Sketching Larp Bjarke Pedersen
Halat Hisar - State of Siege Kaisa Kangas
Does Larp Design Matter? Eirik Fatland

Nordic Larp Talks Copenhagen 2015

Recorded February 11 at Københavns Hovedbibliotek. in Copenhagen during A Week in Denmark, in conjunction with Knudepunkt 2015

Title Speaker
Larp as Adaptation Evan Torner
Wizardry 101 Agata ‘Świstak’ Lubańska
Practical Applications of Lovecraftian Horror Olle Nyman
Experimental Anthropology Kaisa Kangas
Larp and... Eleanor Saitta
Making Mandatory Larps for Non-players Miriam Lundqvist
Framing Art with Larp Ebba Petrén
Promoting Larp in New Places Riad Walid Mustafa
Theory of Axes Maria Raczynska
Communication: Remember the Larper Massi Hannula
Girls in Armor – a Danish Feminist Movement Ann Kristine Eriksen
The Knudepunkt 2015 Books Claus Raasted

Nordic Larp Talks MALMÖ 2018

Title Speaker
The Good, the Bad & the Internalized: Searching for Self Liberation in Conscience Jonaya Kemper
5 things about larping on a sailing ship Stefan Deutsch
On location: playing with expectations Laura Wood, Mo Holkar
Larping in the Political Heart of Europe Maria Pettersson
Routes of inheritance Will Osmond
Emergence in larp Evan Torner
Under 25: We’re Here to Take Your Place Agata Świstak
Same Role, Different Life Karijn van der Heij
The Wayfinder experience Ben Books Schwartz
White Knighting and Why It’s Problematic But Not Necessarily In the Sense You Might Think Aina Skjønsfjell
Emotional Safety, Sorority and #metoo: One Year in Larp Women Unite France Muriel Algayres
Designing Sigridsdotter: A Guide Through a Matriarchy Eva Wei
Female Narratives and Why We Should Play Them Siri Sandqvist
1942: Representing History Tor Kjetil Edland

Nordic Larp Talks ODENSE 2019

Title Speaker
Not good enough: On larp and systematic anxiety Muriel Algayres
Designing larp for multicultural participants Qla Zetterberg
Ars Rego: A technique for physical magic and control Maria Bergman Hamming, Jeppe Bergman Hamming
Intergenerational Storytelling Sagalinn Tangen
Designing for the Somatic imagination Susan Ploetz
Lost in Love – from DJ to GM Simon Brind
Fleshing the Skeleton – How to empower players to make characters their own, without the risk of ‘breaking the larp’ Mo Holkar
Two tools to structure a larp Kaisa Kangas
Costumes for real bodies Anne Serup Grove
The Piss Room Juhana Pettersson

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